From 21.09.2014 until 24.09.2014
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Announcement (pdf)

The EMAS Regional Workshops are biennial events designed to provide postgraduate- level and research workers in materials science, material engineering and related subjects, with basic knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of electron probe X-ray microanalysis. The workshops are organised as low budget meetings with lectures on practical and theoretical aspects of EPMA given by internationally recognised experts. The format and content of the meetings are tailored to the needs of the practical microanalyst routinely dealing with problems of instrumental procedures, specimen preparation, data collection and quantification, as well as those of research workers keen to obtain a deeper understanding of the physics underlying X-ray production, measurement and analysis.
Past EMAS Regional Workshops were held in Finland (1994), Hungary (1996), Spain (1998), the Czech Republic (2000), Poland (2002), Slovenia (2004), Germany (2006), Italy (2008), The Netherlands (2010), and Italy (2012).

The core topics of the 11th EMAS Regional Workshop are:

  • Electron beam - specimen interactions
  • X-ray spectroscopy (WDS and EDS)
  • Light element analysis
  • Quantitative electron probe microanalysis
  • X-ray microanalysis in the (S)TEM
  • Basic electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) in the TEM
  • Sample preparation
  • Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD)

UCAG - the University Centre for Applied Geosciences is a consortium of three universities: Montan Universität Leoben, the Karl Franzes University Graz, and the Graz University of Technology. Thanks to this consortium, a Superprobe JEOL JXA 8200 was installed at the Leoben University in the Eugen F. Stumpfl laboratory in 2007.
Because the University of Leoben has an on-going interest in ore deposits, materials sciences, materials physics, metallurgy and ceramics, a special session entitled “rare and noble elements: from ore deposits to high-tech material” will be organized including two technical sessions dedicated to this subject.

Topics covered in these two sessions will include:

Session on mineralogy / geochemistry of ore deposits:

  • Introduction to MLA
  • Occurrence of rare and noble elements in sulphides
  • Application of combined μ-Raman and EPMA to identify rare minerals
  • Gold mineralogy
  • Quantification in LA-ICPMS for trace element PGE’s Session on applications to high-tech materials:
  • Trace element analysis by means of EPMA of ceramics
  • Analysis of refractory materials
  • Analysis of PGE-based catalysts
  • Analysis of zirconolite
  • Copper and noble metals in medicine