EMAS Awards

EMAS makes awards to encourage excellence. The Castaing Fund has been established to finance the Society's commitment to provide awards and grants. The fund is supported by the Society and by voluntary contributions from the membership. Additionally EMAS awards honorary membership and the EMAS Medal for outstanding achievements.

European Workshop Awards

The best contribution and presentation to the Young Scientists' Session will receive a certificate and an invitation from the Microanalysis Society of America (MAS) to present his/her work at the M&M meeting in the subsequent year. The award includes a free conference registration and financial support from both MAS and EMAS towards travel and living expenses.

There are two awards for poster presentations: Firstly an EMAS award for the best poster by a young scientist (<30yrs of age) encompassing a certificate and an invitation from the Australian Microbeam Analysis Society (AMAS) to present her/his work at a microbeam event in Australia. The award includes a free conference registration and financial support from both AMAS and EMAS towards travel and living expenses. Secondly an EMAS Workshop Poster Award open to all contributors encompassing a certificate and a cash prize of €500.

The prestigious EMAS President's Award is presented biennially for the best paper published in the proceedings of the European Workshop. Aldo Armigliato and Peter Karduck established the award during their terms of office as President and Vice-President of the Society, respectively.

EMAS Thesis Award

The EMAS Thesis Award is presented periodically for an outstanding thesis (at M.Sc., Ph.D., or comparable level) on a subject intrinsic to microbeam analysis. A winning applicant will receive three years free EMAS regular membership and an EMAS Bursary to attend the next EMAS European Workshop and present their work in the workshop’s Young Scientists’ Session. To qualify for the award, the candidate has to provide EMAS with a 1 - 3 page summary of the thesis (in English) and an accompanying letter of recommendation by an EMAS Member. Nominations will be accepted at any time during the year and will be judged by an ad-hoc committee of the EMAS Board. Past EMAS Thesis Awardees: A. Moy (FR) 2015, P. Pinard (CA) 2017.
Application info and form for the EMAS Thesis Award

Honorary Membership

This award recognises outstanding professional achievement in the field of microbeam analysis or exceptional services to the Society. A.W. Witmer of Eindhoven was the first honorary member of the Society. EMAS currently has 18 honorary members: A. Armigliato (IT), G.F. Bastin (NL), A. Boekestein (NL), R. Castaing† (FR), J. Cazaux (FR), D. Dingley (GB), P. Duncumb (GB), F.Grillon† (FR), P. Karduck (DE), J.L. Lábár (HU), G. Love (GB), R.B. Marinenko (US), J.-L. Pouchou (FR), M. Procop (DE), S.J.B. Reed (GB), L. Reimer† (DE), F. Salvat (ES), L. Van't dack (BE), C.T. Walker (GB), H.W. Werner (NL), A.W. Witmer† (NL).

EMAS Medal for Services to the Society

This medal is awarded for outstanding services to the Society over a sustained period of time. The EMAS Medal for Services to the Society was first presented in 2003 and so far seven members have received this honour: W.A.P. Nicholson†(GB) 2003, J. Wernisch (AT) 2003, P.A. von Rosenstiel†(DE) 2008, E. Heikinheimo (FI) 2009, R. Gijbels (BE) 2010, R. Rinaldi (IT) 2011, O. Dugne (FR) 2013, L. Van 't dack (BE) 2015, X. Llovet (ES) 2019.