About EMAS

The Society was founded to meet the growing demands of microbeam analysis users and scientists for further education, communication and professional advice.  The Society is independent, but co-operates closely with national and international microbeam analysis groups, and other European societies with related interests.  EMAS is a founding member of IUMAS, the International Union of Microbeam Analysis Societies.  The Society is a nonprofit making organisation registered in Germany.  A copy of the constitution will be sent upon request.

The activities of the Society promote this branch of science and stimulate technical and scientific developments on a European scale. In order to achieve its goals, the Society is active in the development and operation of technical and scientific education programmes.  Furthermore, the Society encourages communication and co-operation among scientists and offers support to its members whenever there is a general interest to promote.  The Society also strives to enhance awareness of the possibilities and limitations of microanalytical methods and thus increase the quality and significance of the analysis results.

Membership is open to all scientists and technicians active in the development and application of microbeam analysis techniques and equipment.

Every two years the Society holds a European Workshop, using a format based on tutorial keynote lectures and round-table discussions.  Participants can also present their work in poster sessions.  The Society also organises smaller scale Regional Workshops in the years between the European Workshop.

Special rates are available to members attending EMAS meetings and purchasing EMAS publications.