As an adjunct to our workshops, EMAS offers a series of one-day and half-day Short Courses:

Additionally we can also offer full 3-day courses:


New Courses

The EMAS Education Officer will consider requests at any time from would-be hosts of a relevant course that they would like to run under the EMAS banner. Please download the form (here) and complete and send to  

Required information for Potential Hosts:

  • Location (hosting institution) of course
  • Tutors (should include at least one "EMAS Tutor")
  • Language - (All EMAS materials are in English)
  • Minimum number of participants to run the course
  • Target Audience for the course (realistic expected numbers)
  • Previous experience of hosting courses
  • Reduced rates for EMAS members
  • Full costs/risks must be presented with the proposal

If approved by the EMAS Board, the Society may assume some or all of the financial risk for the course.