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EMAS 2006 'Book of Abstracts' hardcopy

60,00 € each

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Price Member: EUR 42 each
Price Non-member: EUR 60 each



13 - 16 May 2006
Karlsruhe, Germany

Book of Tutorials & Abstracts

Edited by: C. T. Walker

Table of Contents

-  Foreword           5

-  European Microbeam Analysis Society:    Executive Board 
                                                                   Sustaining Companies            9

-  EMAS 2006 International Scientific and Local Organising Committees        11

-  Workshop programme         13

Principles of electron probe microanalysis       15

    Quantitative electron probe microanalysis - Electron beam specimen interactions.        17
        Guillaume F. Bastin and H.J.M. Heijligers

    Electron probe microanalysis of thin films.       33
        Guillaume F. Bastin

    Introduction to EPMA and SEM.             59
        Hans Dijkstra

    Introduction to TEM and X-ray microanalysis in the TEM.         69
        Hans Dijkstra

    Basic Monte Carlo simulation for EPMA.          75
        Xavier Llovet

    Performance characteristics of WDS and EDS detectors.            89
        Michael B. Matthews

    Light element analysis.            117
        Werner P. Rehbach

    Sample preparation for EPMA.        137
        Silvia Richter and J. Mayer

    Problems encountered in EDS analysis.            165
        Michael Wendt

-    Applications of microbeam analysis to nuclear materials          181

    Application of quantitative X-ray mapping to the characterisation of nuclear materials.          183
        Stéphane Brémier, J.M. Chareau and C.T. Walker

    Microanalysis of nuclear samples at the synchrotron.     199
        Melissa Denecke

    SIMS as an alternative to EPMA for the analysis of nuclear fuel.      219
        Lionel Desgranges, Ch. Valot and B. Pasquet

    X-ray photoelectron spectrometry of actinide materials – Thin film studies.    231
        Thomas Gouder 

    Microbeam analysis of irradiated materials – practical aspects.    245
        Jérôme Lamontagne, T. Blay and I. Roure

    Microbeam analysis in combating smuggling of nuclear materials.          255
        Ian L.F. Ray, H. Thiele and T. Wiss

    EPMA of retained fission gas in irradiated nuclear fuel.      265
        Sven Van den Berghe

    Electron probe microanalysis of actinide elements.          279
        Clive T. Walker and S. Brémier

Abstracts of the poster presentations     303

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