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EMAS 2002 'Book of Abstracts' hardcopy

60,00 € each

Price Member: EUR 42 each
Price Non-member: EUR 60 each



22 – 25 May 2002
Szczyrk, Poland
Table of Contents

Invited Lectures

-  Thin film analysis with electron beam based instruments

    Guillaume F. Bastin                                                                                                                   23

-  Energy-dispersive spectrometry: technical and practical aspects

    François Grillon                                                                                                                         51

-  Wavelength-dispersive spectrometry: technical and practical aspects

    Francois Grillon                                                                                                                         69

-  X-ray microcalorimeter spectrometry: technical aspects

    François Grillon                                                                                                                         83

-  Electron probe microanalysis of non-conductive bulk samples

    Karel Jurek                                                                                                                                  87

-  Introduction to electron microscopes: electron optics, interaction and signals

    János L. Lábár                                                                                                                             95

-  Use of emission line chemical shifts in X-ray analysis

    Krystyna Lawniczak-Jablonska and J. Kachniarz                                                                   109

-  Basic principles of X-ray microanalysis in the electron microscope

    W.A. Patrick Nicholson                                                                                                           119

-  ppm chemical sensitivity in TEM irradiated wide band gap semiconductors

    John W. Steeds                                                                                                                         137

-  Quantitative X-ray microanalysis and imaging of thin foils: a tutorial

    David B. Williams, M. Watanabe and C. Li                                                                            145

-  Application of analytical electron microscopy for characterisation of diffusion process at migrating grain boundaries

    Pawel Zieba                                                                                                                               155

-  Spatial resolution of EPMA

    Michal Zelechower                                                                                                                  167

-  Backscattered electron diffraction (EBSD) analysis of metals and ceramics

    Ewald Bischoff                                                                                           supplement, p. 1-14

-  Quantitative electron microprobe analysis of homogeneous bulk samples

    János L. Lábár                                                                                            supplement, p. 15-24

-  Some aspects of quantitative X-ray microanalysis of thin coatings and small embedded in matrix particles

    Kzrysztof Sikorski                                                                                     supplement, p. 25-38

Abstracts of the poster presentations

-  AES study of DyxOy films on n-InP (100)

    Natalia V. Babushina, S.A. Malyshev and L.I. Romanova                                                      177

-  Investigation of snow cover sediments by electron probe X-ray microanalysis aimed at geochemical monitoring of Baikal region

    O.Yu. Belozerova, G.P. Koroleva and L.A. Pavlova                                                              178

-  Calculation of the mean electron energy loss

    Birman L. Losic                                                                                                                        179

-  Standardless adjustment of Cliff-Lorimer factors for EDS spectra evaluation in STEM

    Jiri Bursik                                                                                                                                  180

-  Plasma sprayed protective coatings on Ni-based substrates – microstructure and mechanical properties

    Jiri Bursik, V. Bursíková and V. Matyás                                                                                 181

-  Local microanalysis of morphology and sorption ability of natural polymer compounds

    Elene E. Chygyrynets, A.P. Stovpchenko and E.P. Kalinushkin                                           182

-  Electron microscopy and X-ray studies of crystallographic anisotropy formation in hot worked Nd-Fe-B alloys

    Daniela Derewnicka, M. Leonowicz and H. Krzton                                                              183

-  Composition of minerals of deep-seated parageneses from kimberlites on the Prypiat Billow (Ukraine)

    S.N. Tsymbal, Yu.S. Tsymbal and Petro I. Didenko                                                               184

-  Deconvolution of topography of metal-dielectric interface by depth profiling with energy spectra of secondary ions monitoring in comparison with SEM data

    V.G. Litovchenko, A.A. Efremov, G.Ph. Romanova and Petro I. Didenko                          185

-  Phase identification in the Ni-Fe superalloy by means of different TEM/AEM techniques

    Beata Dubiel, T. Moskalewicz and A. Czyrska-Filemonowicz                                             186

-  About characteristic features of secondary AmBn+ ions emission at the bombardment of AIIIBV semiconductors by Ar+ ion beam

    V.N. Melnykov, T.P. Belous and Ljubov A. Gamayunova                                                     187

-  Electron microscopy microanalysis of the Ni-based graded superalloy

    Krzysztof Hodor and P. Zieba                                                                                                 188

-  Transformation of the (110) surface of the ZnS FCC crystal induced by low-energy electron beam in vacuum: a study by Auger electron spectroscopy and X-ray microanalysis

    Iryna M.Ivanyshyn, O.V. Telemko, O.A. Mishchuk and D.M. Freik                                     189

-  Application of electron microprobe in detail investigation of granitoid type rocks from the High Tatra Mountains

    Katarzyna Jacher                                                                                                                       190

-  Application of microanalysis in the study of oxidation processes during plasma spraying of metals

    Blahoslav Kolman, K. Voleník and P. Chráska                                                                      191

-  The role of tunnel electron transitions in the excitation and ionisation of the sputtered particles

    Adolf G. Koval and L.A. Gamayunova                                                                                    192

-  CHIME: a time-efficient and cost-effective tool for provenance studies

    Monika Kusiak and D.J. Dunkley                                                                                            193

-  Application of microanalysis (SEM-EDS) in study of heavy minerals from recent stream alluvia in the Tatra Mountains

    Anna Ladenberger and A. Kiebala                                                                                           194

-  Microchemistry of diffusion joint between cast iron and silumin

    Elzbieta Lepka, E. Tyrala, E. Bielanska and P. Zieba                                                             195

-  A peculiarity of electron spectra of the HTSC-ceramics at electron irradiation induced transformation of grains

    Oleg A. Mishchuk and I.A. Korostil                                                                                        196

-  Preparation procedure to plasma deposition

    A.B. Kobernichenko, Eugen N. Moos, V.V. Saltan and I.M. Zolotareva                              197

-  Correlation between microstructure and chemical composition of AlN-SiC composite

    Z. Wegrzyn, Jerzy Morgiel, J. Dutkiewicz and L. Stobierski                                               198

-  Pollution effects as revealed by analysis of air filters of car engine

    P.M. Nagy, M. Jäckel, A. Sáfrány, P. Hargittai and T. Kerényi                                            199

-  Biosolubility of newly developed glass fibres

    P.M. Nagy, M. Jäckel, A. Sáfrány, P. Hargittai, M. Szacsky, M. Balla, Z. Molnár and T. Kerényi    200

-  Distribution of a corrosion inhibitor compound on corroding mild steel surface

    P.M Nagy, K Papp, F.H. Kármán, J. Telegdi and E. Kálmán                                                 201

-  Analytical and environmental electron microscope in materials science, application to high-temperature oxidation of (Ni,Pd)Al bond-coat and voids formation at the metal/oxide interface

    David Oquab and D. Monceau                                                                                                  202

-  Surface excitation parameter for Si, Ge and Sn using Monte Carlo simulation

    Tamas Orosz, A. Sulyok and M. Menyhard                                                                             203

-  Analysis of contaminating elements in pulse deposited Ni thin coatings

    P. Papp, P.M. Nagy, M. Lakatos-Varsányi, B. Tury and E. Kálmán                                      204

-  Electron probe X-ray microanalysis of the calcium and sodium in the otoliths of Baikal’s omul

    L.A. Pavlova, P.N. Anoshko, S.M. Pavlov and M.L. Tyagun                                                  205

-  A heterogeneity study of a lead lanthanum zirconium titanate (PLZT) material – a potential standard for electron-probe microanalysis

    Zoran Samardzija, R.B. Marinenko, S. Bernik and M. Ceh                                                   206

-  X-ray investigation of the pore structure of NbH sintered powder

    Leonid I. Skatkov, P.G. Cheremskoy and V. Gomozov                                                         207

-  Methodical techniques of research of new and rear minerals with X-ray microanalyser JCXA-733

    L.F. Suvurova, L.A. Pavlova and O.Yu. Belozerova                                                                208

-  Application of SEM-EDS analyses in the study of contact metamorphism zone of andesites from the Jarmuta Hill (Pieniny Mountains, Poland)

    Wojciech Szeliga                                                                                                                      209

-  High-resolution electron probe characterisation of modified Cu-based amorphous alloys

    Andrzej Szummer, J. Czachor, P. Mack and M. Pisarek                                                       210

-  Is it possible to measure mATPase activity by means of X-ray microanalysis?

    Grzegorz Tylko, J. Faber and W. Kilarski                                                                              211

-  Determination of the amorphous phase contribution in nanocrystalline materials

    Rishat G. Valeev, P.N. Krylov, Yu.V. Ruts and A.N. Deev                                                    212

-  Characterisation of tungsten surfaces by simultaneous work function and secondary electron emission measurements

    György Vida, V.K. Josepovits, M. Györ and P. Deák                                                            213

-  TEM study of the single crystal Mo18O52 and Mo8O23

    Di Wang, D.S. Su, J. Jäger and R. Schlögl                                                                              214

-  Study of the atmospheric aerosol in Katowice, Poland

    Aleksandra Wawros, E. Talik and J.S. Pstuszka                                                                     215

-  An analysis of the local atomic structure of a substance by the electron energy loss spectra extended fine structure method

    Olga R. Zheltysheva and D.E. Guy                                                                                          216

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