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EMAS 2019 'Book of Tutorials and Abstracts'

60,00 € each


-   Table of contents

-   Welcome address by the Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee                                      7

-   EMAS President’s address                                                                                                                     9

-   European Microbeam Analysis Society:    Executive Board                                                           11

                                                                       Sustaining Companies                                                   15

-   International Scientific Committee  /  Local Organising Committee                                               19

-   Exhibitors                                                                                                                                         21

-   Sponsors                                                                                                                                           23

-   Workshop programme                                                                                                                      25

-   Tutorials                                                                                                                                            35

  • ● About the reliability of EBSD measurements: Data enhancement.                                           37

          Gert Nolze and A. Winkelmann

  • ● A dictionary indexing approach for EBSD.                                                                              55

          Marc De Graef

  • ● A multi-platform microanalysis approach to ore mineralogy: Advances and future prospects.                                                                                                                                   69

          Angus K.O. Netting, C.L. Ciobanu, N.J. Cook, B.P. Wade, A. Slattery, M.R. Verdugo-Ihl, L. Courtney-Davies and K. Ehrig

  • ● Recent features in EBSD, including new trapezoidal correction for multi‑mapping.                                                                                                                     86

          Bjørn E. Sørensen, J. Hjelen, H.W. Ånes and T. Breivik

  • ● Advances in electron channelling contrast imaging and electron backscatter diffraction for imaging and analysis of structural defects in the scanning electron microscope.                                                                                                    99

          Carol Trager-Cowan, A. Alasamari, W. Avis, J. Bruckbauer, P.R. Edwards, B. Hourahine, S. Kraeusel, G. Kusch, B.M. Jablon, R. Johnston, R.W. Martin, R. McDermott, G. Naresh-Kumar, M. Nouf-Allehiani, E. Pascal, D. Thomson, S. Vespucci, K. Mingard, P.J. Parbrook, M.D. Smith, J. Enslin, F. Mehnke, M. Kneissl, C. Kuhn, T. Wernicke, A. Knauer, S. Hagedorn, S. Walde, M. Weyers, P.-M. Coulon, P.A. Shields, Y. Zhang, L. Jiu, Y.P. Gong, T. Wang, O. Navon and A. Winkelmann

  • ● Nanodiamonds from Earth to the Cosmos.                                                                             111

          Rhonda M. Stroud and B. De Gregorio

  • ● Exploring Mars at the nanoscale: Applications of transmission electron microscopy and atom probe tomography in planetary exploration.                                                                             119

          Luke Daly, M.R. Lee, P. Bagot, J. Halpin, W. Smith, S. McFadzean, A.C. O’Brien, S. Griffin and B.E. Cohen


  • ● EPMA, Raman and XANES applied for the study of oxidation processes in glass.                                                                                                                                      133

          Ery C. Hughes, B. Buse, S.L. Kearns, R. Brooker, D. di Genova, G. Kilgour, H. Mader and J. Blundy

  • ● New horizons in quantitative compositional mapping – Analytical conditions and data reduction using XMapTools.                                                                                      147

          Pierre Lanari and F. Piccoli

  • ● Using complementary micro-analytical techniques to analyse diamond anvil cell experiments.                                                                                                                      161

          Eleonor S. Jennings

  • ● Upscaling of 2D mineralogical information to 3D volumes for geoscience applications using a multi-scale, multi-modal and multi-dimensional approach.                                                                                                            179

          Alan Butcher

  • ● Applications of automated mineralogy.                                                                                   187

          Thomas Aiglsperger

  • ● A deeper insight into materials: Potentials and limitations of µ XRF.                                     199

          Roald A. Tagle, F. Reinhardt, U. Waldschläger, T. Hill and T. Wolff

  • ● SI traceable characterisation of nanomaterials by X-ray spectrometry.                                   227

          Burkhardt Beckhoff

  • ● Recent progresses in soft X-ray emission spectroscopy.                                                          241

          Masami Terauchi, T. Hatano, M. Koike, A.S. Pirozhkov, H. Sasai, T. Nagano, M. Takakura and T. Murano

  • ● Spatial resolution limits of EPMA.                                                                                           255

          Ben Buse and S.L. Kearns

  • ● Development and validation of standardless and standards-based X-ray microanalysis.                                                                                                            269

          Philippe T. Pinard, A. Protheroe, J. Holland, S. Burgess and P.J. Statham

  • ● U-Th-Pbtotal dating of REE-phosphate by electron microprobe: Review and progress.                                                                                                                          285

          Julien M. Allaz, M.J. Jercinovic and M.L. Williams

-   Abstracts of presentations in the Young Scientists’ Session                                                         313

  • ● Local tetragonality of martensite investigated by EBSD.

          Grzegorz Cios, A. Winkelmann, G. Nolze, T. Tokarski and P. Bała

  • ● Austenite-ferrite transformation of AISI 430 ferritic stainless steel during its manufacturing.

          Irene Collado Garcia, A. Núñez Galindo, A. Ruiz Flores, J.F. Almagro Bello and J. Botana


  • ● Identification of crystal structures and elemental composition of reactive air-brazed Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-Δ-Ag-14CuO joints by EBSD, EPMA and analytical TEM.

          Lisa C. Ehle, S. Herzog, S. Richter, A. Kaletsch, C. Broeckmann and J. Mayer

  • ● In situ SEM study of lithium metal batteries.

          Maryam Golozar, H. Demers, R. Gauvin and K. Zaghib

  • ● Analysis of oxide scales on oxidised AISI 441 ferritic stainless steel catalyst support by scanning electron microscopy.

          Pablo Navarro Vicente, A. Nuñez Galindo, J.F. Almagro Bello and J.A. Odriozola

  • ● Automated orientation imaging and phase mapping in the TEM: Detection limits for reliable martensite identification in steel.

          Jonas Werner and T.E. Weirich

-   Abstracts of the AMAS and MAS-USA Student Award winners                                              331

  • ● From experiments to reaction mechanisms: Application of microbeam techniques to understand albitisation reactions.

          Gan Duan, J. Brugger, B. Etschmann, R. Ram, S. Micklethwaite and A. Frierdich

  • ● Probing the native structure and chemistry of Li-metal batteries by cryo-electron microscopy.

          Michael J. Zachman, Z. Tu, M. Chi, L.A. Archer and L.F. Kourkoutis

-   Abstracts of the poster presentations                                                                                             339


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