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EMAS 1996 'Proceedings' hardcopy

60,00 € each

Price Member: EUR 42 each
Price Non-member: EUR 60 each

"Electron Probe Microanalysis of Materials Today - Practical Aspects"
2nd Regional Workshop in Balatonfüred, Hungary
Edited by: J.L. Lábár, E. Heikinheimo and W.A.P. Nicholson

Published by Kossuth Lajos University (Debrecen, Hungary) and the European Microbeam Analysis Society (1996)
ISBN 963 472 121 4

The scientific programme is divided into invited talks and contributed poster presentations, in accordance with the EMAS tradition. As for the regional workshops, the emphasis is on a broad introduction of microanalysis, highlighting practical considerations and transferring information and hints to the audience, which come from long experience. The topics of poster contributions are not strictly defined. Participants report their results, most of which contain some application of microanalysis. Beside the 11 invited talks we have over 30 posters resulting in a Proceedings volume with about 200 pages. The titles are given in alphabetic order of the first author, both for the talks and (separately) for the 1-page abstracts of the posters. Advertisements from our sponsors are collected at the end of the Proceedings.

The intense interest and the financial support of our sponsors is gratefully acknowledged. Their financial contributions helped to keep prices at an acceptable level, especially important for Middle- and Eastern-European countries. Our special thanks goes to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) and to the National Committee for Research and Development (OMFB) both of whom supported our workshop without any commercial interest. We are also grateful to the following companies who volunteered in supporting this meeting above the minimum requested level: Advanced Microbeam, Cameca, and Noran Instruments. Special grants by EMAS are also appreciated, since it facilitated participation for students and some of our older colleagues. Refereeing efforts of Patrick Nicholson and Erkki Heikinheimo are also appreciated, together with the continuous stream of help and advice from Luc Van't dack. Last but not least, my director Dr. László Bartha, and the heads of my department and subdepartment Dr. György Radnóczi and Dr. Péter Barna are thanked for their patience allowing me to devote part of my time to the organisation of this workshop.

Table of contents

Invited lectures

Correction procedures in electron probe microanalysis of bulk materials: What do we have to know and what is needed?   P. Karduck 1
Electron-specimen interaction: X-ray generation and emission, spatial resolution P. Karduck 16
Practical aspects of WDS analysis    P. Karduck 33
Image processing and microanalysis digital and quantitative mapping K. Kovács 52
Standardless versus quantitative EDS: What can you expect? J.L. Lábár 60
Analytical electron microscopy - I Determining and achieving the best performance W.A.P. Nicholson 74
Analytical electron microscopy - II Solving problems of energy-dispersive spectrometry W.A.P. Nicholson 85
Analytical electron microscopy - III Characterising energy- dispersive spectrometers W.A.P. Nicholson 96
Electron probe microanalysis of irradiated nuclear fuel C.T. Walker 102
Analysis of thin surface layers (1 nm - 1 µm) with EPMA or SEM+EDS: The principle & examples P. Willich 119
Strategy of applying microanalytical techniques P. Willich 128

Abstracts of posters contributions

Investigation of textures at high substrate temperatures in polycrystalline Al thin films  M. Adamik, P.B. Barna and I. Tomov P 1

Calculation and verification of concentration depth profiles in EPMA.  Andrae, K. Röhrbacher, P. Klein and J. Wemisch P 3

Non-destructive EPMA depth profiling of buried silicide layers in silicon  A. Alexeyev P 5

Investigation regarding determination of layer's thickness deposited on metallic cord     D. Bojin, S. Lazar and D. Dragulin P 6

X-ray diffraction on the Nd2Fe14B phase homogeneity region  Gr. Brekharya, E.A. Vasilyeva and S.V. Ustinova P 10

G P zones in AlZnMg(Cu, Zr) alloys  N.Q. Chinh and J. Illy P 11

New opportunities of SIMS applications in geology  P.I. Didenko P 13

Quantitative TEM EDS analysis of lead zirconate titanate and lead lanthanum zirconate titanate ceramic materials  G. Drazic and M. Kosec P 15

Image analysis of pores in plasma sprayed deposits  J. Dubsky, P. Chráska, B. Kolman and K. Neufus P 17

The application of AEM microanalysis to glassy spheres and sulphate particles in high Ca fly ash (HCFA)  M. Enders P 18

Preparation and characterisation of monodisperse lanthanum copper basic carbonate: Precursor of La2CuO4 oxide  K. GáI Sólymos, Á. Abrán, Z. Ditrói Puskás Z, and M. Gál P 20

X-ray investigation of (Fe, Co) based metallic glasses crystallisation under laser heating  V.V. Girzhon, Yu.V. Rudnev and D.I. Anpilogov P 22

Results of major and trace element analyses of Kimberlitic garnet  B. Johanson and K. Kojonen P 24

Kinetics of aluminium induced crystallisation of amorphous germanium  I. Kovács, G. Radnóczi, L. Tóth and P. Harmat P 26

Study of the interphase interaction in thin filmed metal silicon structures  A.G. Koval, V.N. Melnikov and V.A. Litvinov P 28

Investigation of an Antarctic meteorite sample by EPMA Kubovics, K. Gál Sólymos, Sz. Bérczi, Z. Ditrói Puskás and B. Lukács P 30

Secondary ions energy spectrometry possibilities for microanalysis of metal oxidation initial stages  V.A. Litvinov,A.G. Koval AG and S.V. Gritsaenko P 32

EPMA in the growth technology of optical single crystals  L. Malicskó P 34

Thermo mechanical stresses in seal glasses of high pressure sodium lamps  J. Mészáros, G. Horváth G and M. F Jahnke P 36

EDS and SEM analysis of pure BaTiO3 ceramics  V.V. Mitic, Lj. Zivkovic and M. Miljkovic P 38

The influence of additives on the BaTiO3 ceramic microstructure   V.V. Mitic, Lj. Zivkovic and M.M. Ristic P 40

Analytical signal interpretation on the diagnostic of the film substrate system   E.N. Moos and N. Tabunov P 42

Thermodynamic consideration of the artefacts on the defect surface electron spectroscopy  E.N. Moos and N. Tabunov P 43

The use of mathematical morphology in SPM image reconstruction  P. Nagy P 44

Source identification of deposited dust on plant leaves by EPMA single particle analysis  J. Osán, Sz. Török, K. Török and J.L. Lábár P 46

Imaging with slow electrons in SEM  D. Pejchl and I. Müllerová P 48

Trace element analysis of biological specimens in the scanning electron microscope   I. Pozsgai, M. Bucsek and Gy. Csordás P 50

Formation, structure and composition of amorphous Al Pt phase prepared by high temperature successive deposition  Zs. Radi, P.B. Barna and J.L. Lábár P 52

Nuclear microscopy at Debrecen  I. Rajta, I. Borbély Kiss, Gy. Mórik, L. Bartha, E. Koltay and Á.Z. Kiis P 54

TEM and EDS study of Ag2Se phase formed by the reaction of polycrystalline silver thin films and selenium  G. Sáfrán and O. Geszti P 56

Microstructure and EPMA study of the La2O3 TiO2 Ga2O3 oxide compounds  Z. Samardzija, S. Skapin and D. Kolar P 58

X ray emission valence band spectroscopy  A. Simunek P 61

Application of transmission electron microscopy and electron beam microanalysis for the characterisation of antigorite from magnesite talc deposit Hnústa Mútnik   J. Stankovic, L. Turanová and J. Turan P 63

Size distribution versus composition of intermetallic phases in an Al Li Cu Zr alloy   V. Stary and K. Macek P 65

Electron spectroscopy of samples with defects  N.I. Tabunov and A.F. Vladimirov P 67

Sampling strategies in digital scanning electron microscopy  A.L. Tóth P 69

PC interface for an old fashioned EPMA  Z. Valkai and L. Varga P 71

An estimation of the chemical composition of the intermediate phases in chosen Al Cu Zn Mg alloys  M. Warmuzek P 73

Imaging of non conductive specimens by non charging scanning electron microscopy methods  M. Zadrazil and L. Frank P 75

SEM and EDS analysis of doped barium titanate ceramics  Lj. Zivkovic, M. Miljkovic, B. Stojanovic and T. Sreckovic P 77

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