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EMAS 2018 'Book of Tutorials and Abstracts'

60,00 € each

EMAS 2018

13th Regional Workshop on “Microbeam Analysis in the Earth Sciences”

4 - 7 September 2018, University of Bristol, Wills Hall, Bristol, Great Britain

Book of Tutorials and Abstracts

Edited by: S.L. Kearns

ISBN: 978 90 8227 694 7

Table of Contents

-   Table of contents                                                                                                                       3

-   Foreword                                                                                                                                   7

-   EMAS 2018 Welcome and Opening Addresses                                                                       8

-   European Microbeam Analysis Society (EMAS):    Executive Board                                     11

                                                                                     Sustaining Companies                            15

-   EMAS 2018 International Scientific and Local Organising Committees                               17

-   Workshop programme                                                                                                             19

-   Sponsors                                                                                                                                  25

-   Invited lectures                                                                                                                    27

     Macro-micro-nanoscale SEM/EDS of earth and planetary materials.                                29

          Tobias Salge, J. Spratt, S. Russell, R. Neumann, T. Mohr-Westheide, A. Greshake, W.U. Reimold, L. Ferrière, M.A. Cox and L. Daly

     The application of SEM imaging techniques to the study of rare fossils.                          47

          Patrick J. Orr and S.L. Kearns

          SEM element mapping: strengths, limitations and applications to petrography of volcanic rocks.                                                                                                                65

          Duncan Muir

          Electron probe microanalysis (EPMA in the Earth Sciences.                                            77

          Richard D. Walshaw

          Analysing silicate melt inclusions.                                                                                     93

          Ery C. Hughes, B. Buse, S.L Kearns, G. Kilgour, H. Mader and J. Blundy

          Trace element analysis of extraterrestrial olivine.                                                            103

          Timothy Gregory

          Transmission electron microscopy: mineralogy at the nanoscale.                                    113

          Martin R. Lee


          Cathodoluminescence in SEM and EPMA – Applications in geology and material sciences.                                                                                                                      129

  1. Matat Jablon, O. Navon, C. Trager-Cowan, K.P. Mingard, R.W. Martin and P.R. Edwards

          High-angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction as a new tool for mapping lattice distortion in geological materials.                                                                                 133

          David Wallis

          Isotopic imaging of minerals with NanoSIMS.                                                               147

          Matt Kilburn

          SIMS of synthetic and biological carbonates.                                                                 153

          Nicola Allison

          Application of secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) to the study of volatiles in melt inclusions.                                                                                                                  163

          Cees-Jan de Hoog

          Laser ablation ICP-MS – From craters to calculations.                                                   173

          Jay Thompson, A. Norris and L. Danyushevsky

          Analysis of sulphur concentrations and redox state in silicate glasses.                           183

          Duane Smythe, B.J. Wood and W.M. Nash

          Detecting diagenesis: 87Sr/86Sr analysis of archaeological bioapatites by LA‑MC-ICPMS to assess diagenetic uptake of Sr in enamel.                                                                     195

          Jamie Lewis, C.D. Coath and A.W.G. Pike

          Synchrotron µ-X-ray absorption spectroscopy in the Earth Sciences.                             199

          Tina Geraki

          Determining the redox state of iron in silicate glasses using XANES.                           211

          Andrew Matzen

          X-ray tomography analysis and applications of µ-CT techniques for 3D visualisation in palaeobiology.                                                                                                         223

          Tom G. Davies

          Chemical and ultrastructural characterisation of pigmented soft tissues in fossil vertebrates and insects.                                                                                             233

          Maria McNamara

          The use of Raman and micro-ATR (FTIR) spectroscopies to measure volatile species in silicate glasses.                                                                                              237

          Richard Brooker and D. Di Genova

          Atom probe tomography: providing new insights into geological materials.                  253

          James Douglas, P.A.J. Bagot and M.P. Moody

          Preparation of Earth Science materials for microbeam analysis.                                      265

          Jon Wade


          A forward look in applications of high-spatial resolution LA-ICP-MS U-Th-Pb geochronology.                                                                                                               281

          Matthew Horstwood

          New frontiers in isotope ratio measurement using collision cell, multi-collector plasma mass spectrometry.                                                                                            283

          Tim Elliott, J. Lewis, C.D. Coath, D. Bevan, H. Wehrs and J. Schwieters

          Quantitative chemical analysis of diamond anvil cell experiments and other tiny samples.                                                                                                                                   291

          Eleonor Jennings and J. Wade

          High spatial resolution analysis of chemical zoning in volcanic crystals.                        315

          Jon Blundy, O. Melnik and R. Dohmen

-   Abstracts of the contributed presentations                                                                             319


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