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EMAS 2017 'Book of Tutorials and Abstracts'

60,00 € each

Price Member: EUR 42 each
Price Non-member: EUR 60 each

Contains the full text of the invited lectures and the abstracts of the poster contributions.
485 p., published by EMAS - ISBN: 978 90 8227 693 0.


-    Table of contents                                                           3
-    Welcome address by the Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee                       7
-    EMAS President’s address                                                   9
    IUMAS President’s address                                             10
-    European Microbeam Analysis Society:    Executive Board                             11
                                            Sustaining Companies                         15
-    International Scientific Committee  /  Local Organising Committee                         17
-    Exhibitors                                                                 19
-    Sponsors                                                                     21
-    Workshop programme                                                 23
-    Tutorials                                                                     35
    ●    EDS microanalysis: pushing the limits.                                     37
            Nicholas W.M. Ritchie, D.E. Newbury, H.A. Lowers and M. Mengason
    ●    Trace element analysis in EPMA: current state and perspectives.                         55
            Valentina G. Batanova, A.V. Sobolev and V. Magnin
    ●    Quantitative X-ray analysis toward single-atom characterisation in materials: history of the MicroAnalysis Society for the future.                                     75
            Masashi Watanabe
    ●    Cathodoluminescence and soft X-ray analysis at liquid nitrogen temperatures.             83
            Colin M. MacRae, N.C. Wilson and A. Torpy
    ●    FIB thin sample microanalysis with FEG-EPMA.                               101
            Yugo Kubo
    ●    Monte Carlo simulation and fundamental quantities.                               113
            Francesc Salvat and X. Llovet
    ●    A deterministic model of electron transport for electron probe microanalysis.               133
            J. Bünger, S. Richter and Manuel Torrilhon
    ●    A detector revolution: direct silicon detectors for electron microscopy.                   149
            Angus I. Kirkland
    ●    Reflection zone plate wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectrometry.                   151
            Alexei I. Erko
    ●    Nanoscale chemical mapping by combination of atomic force microscopy with IR and Raman spectroscopies.                                           167
            Samuel Lesko
    ●    Electron transport properties of monolayer graphene measured from secondary electron microscopy according to the substrate variational method.                   171
            Bo Da, H. Yoshikawa, S. Tanuma and Z.J. Ding
    ●    A new life for the wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectrometer (WDS): incorporation of a silicon drift detector into the WDS for improved quantification and X-ray mapping.                                                           181
            Richard Wuhrer and K. Moran
    ●    Correlating cathodoluminescence analysis with WDS and EBIC in the EPMA.           211
            Robert W. Martin and P.R. Edwards
    ●    High-resolution quantitative cathodoluminescence (CL) for defect metrology in semiconductors.                                                   229
            Samuel Sonderegger, D. Gachet, M. Zielinksi and J. Berney
    ●    Advances in scanning transmission electron microscopy                           237
            Stephen J. Pennycook, C.J. Li, M. Li, X. Zhao, J. Dan, M.P. Oxley, A.R. Lupini, R. Ishikawa and W. Zhou
    ●    Pushing the limits of electron energy-loss spectroscopy: from phonons to core losses in real and momentum spaces.                                   257
            Quentin M. Ramasse, F.S. Hage, R.J. Nicholls, J. Yates, K. Refson, D.M. Kepaptsoglou, H.C. Nerl, V. Nicolosi, K. Winther, K. Thygesen, F. Azough and R. Freer
    ●    Understanding deformation with high angular resolution electron backscatter diffraction (HR-EBSD).                                           263
            T. Ben Britton and J.L.R. Hickey
    ●    Integration of electron backscatter diffraction, transmission Kikuchi diffraction and atom probe microscopy: a superior workflow for nanoscale geochemistry.               279
            Steven M. Reddy, D.W. Saxey, W.D.A. Rickard, D. Fougerouse and A. van Riessen

-    Abstracts of presentations in the Young Scientists’ Session                           289
    ●    EMAS Thesis Award presentation
        Electron probe microanalysis of carbon containing steels at a high spatial resolution.
        Philippe T. Pinard and S. Richter
    ●    Atomic scale study on growth and heteroepitaxy of ZnO monolayer on graphene.
        Hyo-Ki Hong, J. Lee, N.Y. Kim, S. Son, J.H. Kim, R. Erni and Z. Lee
    ●    Low EPMA totals of hydrous basaltic glass: effect of sub-surface charging.
        Ery C. Hughes, B. Buse and S.L. Kearns
    ●    SEM-EDS analysis of the niello inlays of a late Roman silver augur staff (lituus) found in Pannonia province (Hungary).
        Viktória Mozgai, B. Topa, T.G. Weiszburg, B. Bajnóczi, I. Fórizs, Zs. Mráv and M. Tóth
    ●    Analytical TEM study of calcium phosphate nanoparticles in an intracellular environment.
        André L. Rossi

    ●    Simulations of electron-specimen interactions in electron microscopy using quantum trajectories.
        Samantha Rudinsky, A. Sanz and R. Gauvin
    ●    Characterisation of niobium microsegregation and eutectic niobium carbide along the process chain in a microalloyed case hardening steel.
        Mamta Sharma, S. Richter, U. Prahl and W. Bleck
    ●    High-resolution imaging, EBSD analysis and isotope mapping of experimentally produced micro- and nanocrystalline geological materials.
        Liene Spruzeniece, S. Piazolo, M.R. Kilburn and A. Putnis
    ●    Emergence and progression of abnormal grain growth in minimally strained nickel‑200.
        Olivia Underwood, J. Madison, J. Michael, B. McKenzie, R. Martens and G.  Thompson
    ●    Dose-management strategies for TEM investigation of lithium-based materials for battery applications.
        Frédéric Voisard, H. Demers, M. Trudeau, G.P. Demopoulos, R. Gauvin and K. Zaghib
    ●    Study of atomic structure and electron structure of uranium oxide and nitride.
        Rongguang Zeng, Y.W. Zhao, X.D. Meng, T.W. Liu, Y. Hu, B. Bai, K.Z. Liu and H. Tan
    ●    Spider silk observed by femtosecond SHG microscopy.
        Yue Zhao, K.T.T. Hien, G. Mizutani and H.N. Rutt

-    Abstracts of the poster presentations                                       313



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