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EMAS 2013 'Book of Tutorials and Abstracts'

60,00 € each

Price Member: EUR 42 each
Price Non-member: EUR 60 each

Contains the full text of the invited lectures and the abstracts of the poster contributions.
410 p., published by EMAS.



-   Table of contents

-   Welcome address by the Chairperson of the Local Organising Committee                                  5

-   EMAS Presidents’ address                                                                                                                 7

-   European Microbeam Analysis Society:    Executive Board                                                         9

                                                                       Sustaining Companies                                             13

-   International Scientific Committee / Local Organising Committee                                         17

-   Exhibitors                                                                                                                                    19

-   Sponsors                                                                                                                                      21

-   Workshop programme                                                                                                                 23

-   Tutorials                                                                                                                                      33

     Improving analytical spatial resolution with the field emission electron microprobe.          35

          Silvia Richter and P.T. Pinard

     Characterisation of sub-micrometre features with the FE-EPMA.                                       57

          Peter McSwiggen

     Physicochemical characterisation of cerium particles generated by combustion of Ce‑doped diesel fuel.                                                                                       73

          Kristin L. Bunker, R. Willis, G. Casuccio, E. Grulke, N. Mandzy, G. Norris, D. Nash, J. Weinstein, J. Conny, H.O.T. Pye, K. Kovalcik and M. Lewandowksi

     Quantitative X-ray mapping, scatter diagrams and the generation of correction maps to obtain more information about your material.                                                                       95

          Richard Wührer and K. Moran

     The importance of secondary fluorescence in EPMA.                                                           111

          Jon Wade

     A vision of the future electron microprobe.                                                                         121

          Nicholas W.M. Ritchie, and D.E. Newbury

     High speed, high resolution X-ray imaging and spectroscopy.                                             137

          Lothar Strüder, H. Soltau, R. Hartmann, S. Ihle, M. Huth, J. Schmidt, C. Thamm, D. Steigenhöfer, R. Eckhardt, H. Ryll, M. Schmidt, P. Holl and G. Lutz

     Advances in microcalorimeter detectors.                                                                              157

          Robin Cantor

     Backscattered helium spectroscopy in the helium ion microscope: principles, resolution and applications.                                                                                               165

          Raoul van Gastel, G. Hlawacek, S. Dutta and B. Poelsema

     Scanning probe - atomic force microscopy: new developments and applications.               177

          Giovanni Valdrè

       Current state of the art of electron backscatter diffraction.                                                 193

          Ken P. Mingard, A.P. Day and P.N. Quested

  ●   A review of advances and challenges in EBSD strain mapping.                                          209

          Angus J. Wilkinson

     Evaluation of quantitative procedures for X-ray microanalysis of environmental particles.                                                                                                                          223

          Karine Deboudt, M. Choël, A. Blondel, V. Savary, H. Marris and P. Flament

     Microanalysis of cosmic dust: nanometre-scale imaging and analysis in the SEM.              237

          Edward P. Vicenzi

     Understanding the structure of nanocatalysts with HR(S)TEM.                                          251

          Leonard D. Francis

     Nanoscale characterisation of semiconductors by cathodoluminescence.                             267

          Klaus Thonke, I. Tischer, M. Hocker, M. Schirra, K. Fujan, M. Wiedenmann, R. Schneider, M. Frey and M. Feneberg

     Importance of advanced characterisation techniques in the synthesis of novel nanomaterials.                                                                                                                      289

          Vasco Teixeira, S. Azevedo, P. Carvalho and J. Carneiro

     Nanoscale analysis of volcanic crystals: applications to diffusion chronometry.                 307

          Kate E. Saunders, B. Buse, S.L. Kearns, M. Kilburn, J. Blundy, S. Rinnen, S. Klemme and H.F. Arlinghaus

-   Abstracts of presentations in the Young Scientists’ Session                                                      321

        Low keV electron probe analysis of iron silicides.

          P. Gopon, J. Fournelle, X. Llovet and P. Sobol

        Plastic deformation studies with electron channelling contrast imaging and electron backscattered diffraction.

          S. Kaboli, P.T. Pinard and R. Gauvin

        Accurate measurements of X-ray emission cross-sections for heavy elements by electron microprobe.

          A. Moy, C. Merlet, X. Llovet and O. Dugne

        Electron microscopy examination of nanostructures assembled on Ge(001) surface by gold deposition and annealing.

          M. Nikiel, B.R. Jany, P. Indyka, M. Korzekwa and F. Krok

        High resolution carbon measurements in steel using FEG-EPMA.

          P.T. Pinard, A. Aretz and S. Richter

        Microbeam analysis on industrial aluminium samples for lithographic printing.

          M. Tzedaki, M. Raes, I. De Graeve, B. Kernig, J. Hasenclever and H. Terryn

-   Abstracts of presentations by respectively the AMAS Student Award Winner                        331

        Cathodoluminescence irradiation kinetics of InGaN/GaN multi-quantum wells.

          M.N. Lockrey, M. Wintrebert-Fouquet and M.R. Phillips

-   Abstracts of the poster presentations                                                                                          335

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