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EMAS 1993 'Proceedings' hardcopy

60,00 € each

Price Member: EUR 42 each
Price Non-member: EUR 60 each

3rd European Workshop in Rimini, Italy
Mikrochimica Acta, vols. 114 and 115, 544 p. (1994)
Edited by: A. Armigliato, L. Van't dack, H.W. Werner and J. Wernisch

This volume of Mikrochimica Acta contains the texts of the invited lectures and a selection of the papers presented in poster form at the 3rd Workshop of the European Microbeam Analysis Society (EMAS).  The Workshop was held in Rimini (Italy) on May 9-13, 1993 and focused on Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis (Analytical Electron and Ion Microbeam Methods).  The event was held under the auspices of C.N.R. (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) of Italy, whose sponsorship is gratefully acknowledged), of SIME (Società Italiana di Microscopia Elettronica) and of CESEM (Committee of European Societies for Electron Microscopy).

Nine invited speakers and about 200 participants from 15 European and 2 non-European (USA and Australia) countries gave a comprehensive account of the current state-of-the-art in the field of material characterisation by means of electron and ion beam based microanalytical techniques.
 At this Workshop, EMAS has chosen to emphasise the following topics: correction procedures in electron probe microanalysis (EPMA), standardless X-ray analysis of bulk samples and thin films, quantitative and high resolution Auger electron spectrometry (AES), electron energy loss spectrometry (EELS) mapping, microbeam analysis of particles, environmental SEM and quantitative analysis of thin films by ion beam methods (secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), Rutherford backscattering spectrometry (RBS), channeling, nuclear reaction analysis (NRA)).
 In addition to the nine tutorial lectures, almost 90 poster presentations were given at the Workshop.  Fifty-two of them are reported as brief articles in this volume.  From their contents, it turns out that, as in the previous EMAS events, applications are still directed more towards materials science (semiconductors, metals, glass, ceramics, insulators) than towards the field of biology and medicine.  However, the most prominent aspect of the Workshop, as this volume clearly indicates, is the cross-fertilisation among experts in different microanalytical techniques.  The importance of the combined use of different electron and ion beam based methods in solving a scientific problem is now generally accepted and has been properly stressed during the Workshop.
 Each paper submitted for publication in this volume has been reviewed by two referees and modified accordingly.  The editors are most grateful to the following scientific referees for their rapid and meticulous work:
M.    Anderle, D. Benoit, A. Boekestein, R. Brydson, A. Carnera, J. Cazaux, C. Colliex, A. Desalvo, A.V. Drigo, P. Duncumb, J. Giber, R. Gijbels, M. Grasserbauer, T. H. Hehenkamp, E. Heikinheimo, F. Hofer, S. Hofmann, S. Jasienska, P. Karduck, K. Krishnan, J. L. Labar, G. W. Lorimer, G. Love, W. A. P. Nicholson, R. Oberhänsli, M. Otten, P. Pinard, J. L. Pouchou, G. Queirolo, L. Reimer, R. Rinaldi, A. Röder, G.M. Roomans, R. Rosa, J. Ruste, D. Shirikov, J. Small, P. Trebbia, P. Van Espen, M. Vittori Antisari, P. von Rosenstiel, C.T. Walker, and P. Willich.

The European Microbeam Analysis Society is especially pleased to acknowledge the financial support of this volume provided for by EDAX International (Tilburg, The Netherlands)

Table of contents

Invited speakers
-    Correction procedures in electron probe microanalysis of bulk samples P. Duncumb                        3
-    Recent progress in quantitative and high spatial resolution AES
    S. Hofmann                      21
-    Standardless X-ray analysis of bulk specimens
    J.-L. Pouchou                  33
-    Standardless quantitation of thin film specimens
    W.A.P. Nicholson                  53
-    Electron energy loss spectrometry mapping
    Ch. Colliex, M. Tencé, E. Lefèvre, C Mory, H. Gu, D. Bouchet and Ch. Jeanguillaume                  71
-    Quantitative analysis of films by ion microbeam methods. 1: RBS, NRA, and Channeling
    A.V. Drigo                      89
-    Quantitative analysis of films by ion microbeam methods. 11: SIMS
    H.W. Werner                    107
-    Quantitative microbeam analysis of particles
    P. Van Espen                129
-    Environmental scanning electron microscopy and microanalysis
    G.D. Danilatos                143

Contributed papers
-    Composition of vanadium carbides formed by solidification in temary FE-V-C alloys
    S.E. Amara, R. Kesri, N. Valignat and S. Hamar-Thibault    157
-    Investigation of implanted gallium depth distributions in ZnSxSe1-x by EPMA
    N. Ammann, G. Gleitsmann, M. Heuken, K. Heime and P. Karduck    165
-    Electron and ion beam analysis of composition and strain in Si1-xGex/Si heterostructures
    A.    Armigliato, D. Govoni, R. Balboni, St. Frabboni, M. Berti, F Romanato and A.V Drigo                    175
-    X-ray emission modulation by electron channelling and site occupancy in garnets
    R. Balboni, St. Frabboni, R. Rinaldi and S. Spigarelli    187
-    Quantitative EPMA of element depth distribution
    A. Berner and G. Proaktor        195
-    Influence of channeling effects on ion distribution and damage profiles during high-energy ion implantation in Si
    A. Camera, A. Gasparotto, M. Berti and R. Fabbri    205
-    Surface and interface analysis of titanium nitride diffusion barriers
    M. Bonelli, A. Miotello, L. Calliari, F. Romanato, A.V. Drigo and A. Carnera    213
-    Determining the local coordination of aluminium in cement using electron energy loss near-edge structure
    R. Brydson, L G. Richardson and G.W. Groves    221
-    Elaboration and characterisation of yttria PSZ coatings deposited by RF sputtering on silicon
    P. Chainiau, E. Beauprez and M.-Ch. Sainte Catherine    231
-    Changes in depth profiles of oxygen and copper in Y-Ba-Cu-O film under annealing
    L.P. Chemenko, A.P. Kobzev, D.A. Komeev and D.M. Shirokov    239
-    Damage in Y-Ba-Cu-O films produced by 4He ions
    L.P. Chernenko, A.R Kobzev, D.A. Komeev and D.M. Shirokov    247
-    An EELS and EXELFS study of amorphous hydrogenated silicon carbide
    A. Cook, A.G. Fitzgerald, F. Ibrahim, J.L.B. Wilson and Ph. John    255
-    Theoretical simulation of backscattered electron images of Si/SixGe1-x structures with a scanning electron microscope
    A.C. De Riccardis, P.G. Merli, M. Nacucchi and L. Tapfer    261
-    Analysis of light elements in superposed layers by Monte Carlo simulation of EELS spectra
    A. Desalvo, R. Rosa, A. Armigliato and A. Parisini    267
-    Quantitative EPMA and TEM of unsupported films
    J.M. Dykstra, G.F. Bastin, H.J.M. Heyligers and D. Klepper    277
-    Silicate particles engulfed in human Alveolar macrophages: An analytical electron microscopy study
    M. Dociaiuti, M. Falchi and L. Paoletti        285
-    Quantification of the electron beam damage of thin films
    L. Frank                        293
-    Monte Carlo correction programme for PC
    O. Gedeon and V. Hulínský        305
-    Performance of a nuclear microprobe to study giant marine aerosol particles
    J. Injuk, L. Breitenbach, R. Van Grieken and U. Wätjen    313
-    The role of coating densities in X-ray microanalysis
    K. Jurek, O. Renner and E. Krouský        323
-    Analytical, structural and electrical characterisation of SiGe layers by electron microbeam techniques
    M. Kittler and J. Lärz            327
-    Homogeneity studies of powders and plasma sprayed deposits
    B. Kolman, J. Forman, J. Dubský and P. Chráska    335
-    X-ray emission spectroscopy with EPMA applied to high-Tc superconductors using new spectrometer crystals
    A. Kottmann, P. Lamparter and S. Steeb        343
-    Microprecipitation in boron-containing high-carbon steels
    L. Lanier, G. Metauer and M. Moukassi        353
-    An accurate computer correction programme for quantitative electron probe microanalysis
    C. Merlet                    363
-    Investigation of various SiC materials by means of EPMA/WDS techniques
    P. Moretto and R. Hoffmann        377
-    Use of cathode lens in scanning electron microscope for low-voltage applications
    L Müllerová and L. Frank        389
-    Physico-chemical characterisation of crystalline phases in fly ashes
    L. Paoletti, M. Diociaiuti, A. Gianfagna and G. Viviano    397
-    Electron probe microanalysis of dried biological substances
    A. Pogorelov, V Pogorelova, S. Smimova and N. Spifidonov    405
-    Spatial resolution limitation in Auger microanalysis of compounds
    B.A. Polonsky and O.D. Protopopov        413
-    X-ray microanalysis of thin film layered specimens containing light elements
    D.G. Rickerby and J.-F. Thiot        421
-    Structural characterisation techniques for the analysis of semiconductor strained heterostructures
    F. Romanato, M. Berti, M. Mazzer, A.V Drigo, L. Lazzatini, P. Franzosi, G. Salviati and D. Bertone        431
-    PIXE and EMP analyses of volcanites from Nea Kameni Island (Aegean Sea, Greece)
    A.P. Santo, J.D. MacArthur and R. Manetti        441
-    Application of analytical transmission electron microscopy to the characterisation of interlayers in fibre-reinforced composites with ceramic and glass matrices
    R. Schneider, J. Woltersdorf, E. Pippel, A. Hähnel and A. Röder    453
-    Signal-to-background in EPMA: Measurement and Monte Carlo calculation
    V. Stary                        463
-    EPMA analysis of float glass surfaces
    A. Stella and M. Veritá            475
-    SIMS and Auger investigation of oxygen adsorption on polycrystalline nickel surface
    Z. Tass and K.V Josepovits        481
-    New developments in theory of fast electron scattering in solids: Applications to microbeam analysis
    L.S. Tilinin and W.S.M. Wemer        485
-    SIMS imaging: Apparatus and applications
    A.B. Tolstogouzov, T.L. Kitaeva and S.S. Volkov    505
-    Combined EPMA and AES depth profiling of a multilayer Ti-Al-O-N coating
    A. von Richthofen, M. Matsuo, P. Karduck and N. Ammann    511
-    Quantitative analysis of W-C:H coatings by EPMA, RBS (ERD) and SIMS
    P. Willich, M. Wang and K. Wittmaack        525
-    Study of chemical bonds in a-B/C:H films by electron probe microanalysis
    R.K. Zalavutdinov, A.E. Gorodetsky and A.P. Zakharov    533
-    X-ray mapping of freeze-dried cryosections from biological cells
    K. Zierold and S.V Buravkov        539

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