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EMAS 1997 'Proceedings' hardcopy

60,00 € each

Price Member: EUR 42 each
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5th European Workshop in Torquay, United Kingdom
Mikrochimica Acta, Supplement 15, 392 p. (1998)
Edited by: G. Love, W.A.P. Nicholson and A. Armigliato

Supplement no. 15 to Mikrochimica Acta contains selected papers from the 5th EMAS Workshop on "Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis", which took place from the 11th to 15th May 1997 in Torquay (Great Britain). For this meeting EMAS chose to invite speakers on the following subjects: Standardless analysis, EPMA techniques for quantitative near-surface analysis and depth profiling, matrix corrections in Auger electron and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray analysis and imaging using low-voltage beams, Scanning probe and near-field microscopies, Quantitative elemental mapping of X-ray radiographs by factorial correspondence, X-ray spectrum processing and multivariate analysis, Thin film analysis and chemical mapping in the analytical electron microscope, wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, High-resolution non-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy with state-of-the-art silicon detectors, and Recent developments in instrumentation for X-ray analysis. These invited lectures were given by eminent scientists from Europe, the U.S.A. and Australia. In addition to the plenary lectures, there were poster sessions at which some 110 posters were on display.

The issue contains the full texts of ten tutorial lectures and forty-one papers originating from the posters presented at the workshop. All the contributions were subjected to peer review by two referees. The papers presented in this volume have been divided into the following subjects:

- X-ray spectrometry
- Analytical electron microscopy - Thin films
- Surface studies - Coatings - Multilayers
- Bulk analysis - Materials applications - Mineralogical applications
- Biological applications including environmental SEM
- Fundamental parameters - Quantitative analysis
- Miscellaneous papers.

Table of contents


Recent developments in instrumentation for X-ray microanalysis. P.J. Statham 1

High-resolution non-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy with state-of-the-art silicon detectors. L. Strüder, C. Fiorini, E. Gatti, R. Hartmann, P. Holl, N. Krause, P. Lechner, A. Longini, G. Lutz, J. Kemmer, N. Meidlinger, M. Popp, H. Soltau and C. von Zanthier 11

Efficiency calibration of a Si(Li) detector by EPMA. K. Röhrbacher, M. Andrae, M. Völkerer and J. Wernisch 21

Wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectrometry. S.J.B. Reed 29

X-ray spectrum processing and multivariate analysis. J.M. Titchmarsh 37

Thin film analysis and chemical mapping in the analytical electron microscope. D.B. Williams, M. Watanabe and D.T. Carpenter 49

On the spatial resolution in analytical electron microscopy. A. Armigliato, D.J. Howard, R. Balboni, S. Frabboni and M.R. Caymax 59

Contamination in analytical electron microscopy and in ALCHEMI. J.L. Lábár, M. Adamik and I Dódony 65

Analytical electron microscopy of diffusional interfaces in an Al - 22 at.% Zn alloy. P. Zieba 73

Quantitative TEM-EDX of sol-gel derived PZT ceramic materials. G. Drazic, B. Malic and M. Kosec 77

Particulate composites of TZP-chromium oxide and TZP-chromium carbide; microbeam investigations. M. Faryna, L. Litynska, K. Haberko, Z. Pedzich and J. Babiarz 83

Cryo-electron spectroscopic imaging, electron energy-loss spectroscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray analysis of Ag(Br,I) nano- and microcrystals. V.P. Oleshko, R.H. Gijbels, W.A. Jacob and A.J. Van Daele 87

Electron energy-loss near-edge structure of alumina polymorphs. I. Levin, A. Berner, C. Scheu, H. Muellejans and D.G. Brandon 93

SPM study of YBCO films prepared by plasma assisted laser ablation. Y. Fan, A.G. Fitzgerald and H. Xu 97

Surface characterisation and modification of YBCO thin films by STM. A.G. Fitzgerald, Y. Fan and H. Xu 101

Quantitative near-surface microanalysis and depth profiling by EPMA. P. Karduck 109

EPMA sputter depth profiling, part I: Theory and evaluation. S. Richter, N. Lesch and P. Karduck 125

EPMA sputter depth profiling, Part II: Experiment. N. Lesch, S. Richter and P. Karduck 133

Quantitative analysis of BN (C,O,Ar,H)-coatings using EPMA and SIMS. P. Willich and U. Wischmann 141

Quantitative EDS analysis of SiO2/Al2O3/TiO2 multilayer films. D.G. Rickerby, N. Wächter and R. Reichelt 149

Surface ionisation of thin films on substrates: measurement and simulation. X. Llovet, C. Merlet and F. Salvat 155

Comparison of different methods to characterise thin a-Si:H films. H.G. Esser, P. Karduck, M. Rubel, N. Almqvist, L. Grobusch, J. von Seggern, F. Weschenfelder and P. Wienhold 163

EPMA studies of the growth of thin surface coatings produced by evaporation. H. Hammer, S. Kulow, C. Schmidt, G. Schmidt and P. Zanel 171

Analysis of thin films with slightly rough boundaries I. Ohlídal, D. Franta, J. Hora, K. Navrátil, J. Weber and P. Janda 177

Effect of chromium substrate pre-treatment on diamond growth by the chemical vapour deposition method. O. Glozman, A. Berner, D. Schechtman and A. Hoffman 181

EPMA determination of arsenic excess in low-temperature grown GaAs. V.V. Chaldyshev and V.V. Tretyakov 187

EPMA of melted UO2 fuel rods from the Phebus-FP reactor accident experiment. P.D.W. Bottomley, F. Montigny, A.D. Stalios and C.T. Walker 191

Steels, carbon concentration, and microhardness. P. Poelt and A. Fian 201

Determination of chemical and phase composition of fly-ashes by combined EPMA and XRD methods. M. Zelechower, D. Smolka, M. Jablonska and A. Dytkowicz 207

EPMA of the composition of opal-based nanostructured materials. V.V. Tretyakov, S.G. Romanov, A.V. Fokin and V.I. Alperovich 211

NDIC and EMP study of plagioclase mineral zoning: an example from Nea Kameni lavas. A.P. Santo and R.M. Bomparola 219

Compositional X-ray maps of metamorphic and magmatic minerals. A. Borghi, R. Cossio, F. Olmi and G. Vaggelli 227

Chemical mapping of weathering stages in laterites. W. Hachmann and G. Tietz 237

Electron microprobe determination of minor and trace concentrations of gold and platinum group elements in sulphides and sulpharsenides: problems, solutions, and applications. I.P. Laputina and V.A. Batyrev 247

Composition of 15-17th century archaeological glass vessels excavated in Antwerp, Belgium. K.H. Janssens, I. De Raedt, O. Schalm and J. Veeckman 253

Potassium migration in silica glass during electron beam irradiation. K. Jurek, O. Gedeon and V. Hulínský 269

X-ray microanalysis of frozen-hydrated biological bulk samples. A.T. Marshall 273

Environmental SEM and X-ray microanalysis of biological materials. D.C. Sigee 283

Effects of electron-beam / gas interactions on X-ray microanalysis in the variable pressure SEM. C. Mathieu 295

The analytical signal in EPMA and the influence of the electric field created by the primary beam. O. Gedeon, V. Hulínský and K. Jurek 301

Standardless analysis. J. Wernisch and K. Röhrbacher 307

A new technique for standardless analysis by EPMA-TWIX. M. Völkerer, M. Andrae, K. Röhrbacher and J. Wernisch 317

Stopping power factor for standardless QEPMA. B.I. Losic and F.A. Tabak 321

On the measurement of the backscattering coefficient for low-energy electrons. M.M. El-Gomati and A.M.D. Assa'd 325

Monte Carlo simulations of edge artefacts in MULSAM images. M.M El-Gomati and A.M.D. Assa'd 333

Assessment of the inelastic scattering model in Monte Carlo simulations. V. Starý 341

A rapid comparison of matrix corrections in AES and XPS by means of computer programmes. A.G. Fitzgerald 351

Fractals and BaTiO3-ceramic microstructure analysis. V.V. Mitic, L.M. Kosic, M. Miljkovic and I. Petkovic 365

Fragmentation of sputtered cluster ions of transition metals: distributions of lifetimes and internal energies. A.D. Bekkerman, N.K. Dzhemilev, S.V. Verkhoturov, I.V. Veryovkin and A. Adriaens 371

Sputtering of tantalum by atomic and molecular gold ions: comparative study of yields and kinetic energy distributions of atomic and cluster ions. S.F. Belykh, U.K. Rasulev, A.V. Samartsev, S.V. Verkhoturov and I.V. Veryovkin 379

The Standards, Measurements and Testing programme (SMT), the European support to standardisation, measurement and testing projects. A. Boenke 387


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