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EMAS 1995 'Proceedings' hardcopy

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"Microbeam and nanobeam analysis"
4th European Workshop in St. Malo, France
Mikrochimica Acta, Supplement 13, 643 p. (1996)

Edited by: D. Benoit, J.-F. Bresse, L. Van’t dack, H. Werner and J. Wernisch

This supplement of Mikrochimica Acta contains selected papers from the Fourth Workshop of the European Microanalysis Society (EMAS) on "Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis" which took place in May 1995 in Saint Malo (France).

For this meeting, EMAS chose to highlight the following topics: Monte-Carlo simulations, transport calculations and use of soft X-rays for electron probe microanalysis (EPMA), dynamic secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), detection of small quantities using different techniques: synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence, particle induced X-ray emission (PIXE), cathodoluminescence microscopy (CL). Two new kinds of instrumental techniques were also presented: atomic probe and scanning probe microscopy (STM).

The aim of the conference is to give introductory lectures corresponding to the topics of the meeting and to have contributions in the form of poster sessions. More than 80 posters were presented. Most of them gave a short oral presentation. The poster subjects were related to the use of microanalytical techniques: EPMA with wavelength dispersive spectrometry (WDS) and energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS), Auger electron spectrometry (AES), secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), scanning electron microscopy and other topographical methods like scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) or atomic force microscopy (AFM). The field of applications is very broad: metallurgy, mineralogy, semiconductor, ceramic, glass, composite, polymer and biological material.

The authors originate from almost all European countries, including eastern European ones and Russia. One invited lecture was given by an USA speaker.

This issue contains the full texts of the ten introductory lectures and 50 brief articles. These articles are the condensed scientific information of the poster sessions. They were subjected to peer-review according to the usual procedure and some of them were rejected. We hope that these contributions to the field of microbeam techniques will be found to be useful.

Invited speakers

Monte Carlo simulation techniques for quantitative X-ray microanalysis. L. Reimer


Transport equation approach to electron microbeam analysis: fundamentals and applications. W.S.M. Werner 13
Use of soft X-rays in microanalysis. J. L. Pouchou 39
Intensity measurement of wavelength dispersive X-ray emission bands: applications to the soft X-ray region. G. Rémond, C. Gilles, M. Fialin, O. Rouer, R. Marinenko, R. Myklebust and D. Newbury 61
Synchrotron radiation induced X-ray microfluorescence analysis. K. Janssens, L. Vincze, B. Vekemans, A. Aerts, F. Adams, K.W. Jones and A. Knöchel 87
Particle induced X-ray emission a quantitative technique suitable for microanalysis. K. Malmqvist 117
Cathodoluminescence microscopy and spectroscopy of semiconductors and wide bandgap insulating materials. J. F. Bresse, G. Rémond and B. Akamatsu 135
Time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (ToF SIMS) P. Bertrand and L. T. Weng 167

Three dimensional nanoanalysis with the tomographic atom probe.

D. Blavette, A. Bigot, C. Schmuck, F. Danoix and P. Auger 183
Microanalysis at atomic resolution. S.J. Pennycook, D.E. Jesson, N.D. Browning and M.F. Chisholm 195


Electron transmission coefficient for oblique angle of incidence. M. Andrae, P. Klein, K. Röhrbacher and J. Wernisch 217

Depth distribution function for oblique angle of incidence. M. Andrae, K. Röhrbacher, P. Klein and J. Wernisch 225

Simulation of EDS spectra using X RES software. M. Aouine, C. Esnouf and T. Epicier 233

On the use of the Ge La line in thin X-ray microanalysis of Si1-xGex/Si heterostructures. A. Armigliato, T. Lewis and R. Rosa 241

Computer simulations of the X-ray intensity distribution from submicron particles embedded in a matrix. A. Berner and I. Levin 251

Determination of rare earth elements in biological and mineral apatite by EPMA and LAMP ICP MS. S. Chenery, C.T. Williams, T.A. Elliott, P.L. Forey and L. Werdelin 259

Quantitative analysis of the compound layer of plasma nitrided pure iron. J. D'Haen, M. D'Olieslaeger, L. De Schepper and L.M. Stals 271

Correction of the edge effect in Auger electron microscopy. L. Frank and F. Matejka 279

Low-energy imaging of non-conductive surfaces in SEM. L. Frank, M. Zadrazil and I. Müllerová 289

Investigation of the bonding mechanism of glass ceramic layers on metal alloys. M. Frigge and G. Völksch 299

Monte Carlo method for quantitative analysis of bulk and layered samples. O. Gedeon, V. Hulínský, K. Jurek and M. Simeckov 307

SIMS linescan profiling of chemically bevelled semiconductors: a method of overcoming ion beam induced segregation in depth profiling. C. M. Hsu and D.S. McPhail 317

Experimental verification of theoretical models simulating the temperature increase in EPMA of glass. V. Hulínský, K. Jurek and O. Gedeon 325

Quantitation of mineral elements of different fruit pollen grains. M.J. Bucsek, J. Nyék, Z. Szabó and A. Kádár 333

Electron beam induced migration of alkali ions in silica glass. K. Jurek, V. Hulínský and O. Gedeon 339

Application of the Boltzmann transport equation in the thickness determination of thin films. G. Kaltzas, N. Glezos, E. Valamontes and A.G. Nassiopoulos 349

Characterisation of the shape of microparticles via fractal and Fourier analyses of scanning electron microscope images. V.V. Kindratenko, P. Van Espen, B.A. Treiger and R.E. Van Grieken 355

Calculation of the surface ionisation using analytical models of electron backscattering. P. Klein, M. Andrae, K. Röhrbacher and J. Wernisch 363

Thickness determination of thin insulating layers. P. Klein, K. Röhrbacher, M. Andrae and J. Wernisch 377

High energy and angular resolution dynamic secondary ion mass spectrometry. A.A. Kosyachkov 391

EPMA and mass spectrometry of soil and grass containing radioactivity from the nuclear accident at Chernobyl. O. Lefèvre, M. Betti, L. Koch and C.T. Walker 399

Application of a new Monte Carlo simulation algorithm to electron probe microanalysis. X. Llovet, A. Riveros and F. Salvat 409

Topography development on single crystal MgO under ion beam bombardment. N.J. Montgomery and D.S. McPhail 419

Determination of SPM tip shape using polystyrene latex balls. P. Nagy, G.I. Mark and E. Balazs 425

Combined characterisation of nanostructures by AEM and STM  V.P. Oleshko, R.H. Gijbels, W.A. Jacob and M.V. Alfimov 436

Study of quasi fractal many particle systems and percolation networks by zero loss spectroscopic imaging, electron energy loss spectroscopy and digital image analysis. V.P. Oleshko, V.V. Kindratenko, R.H. Gijbels, P.J.M. Van Espen and W.A. Jacob 443

Calculation of bremsstrahlung spectra for multilayer samples. A. Pfeiffer, C. Schiebl and J. Wernisch 453

Thickness measurement of thin films by EPMA:  Influence of F(0), Mac and substrate. P. Pölt and B. Stöckl 463

A simple procedure to check the spectral response of an EDX detector. M. Procop 473

Virtual WDS. S.J.B. Reed and A. Buckley 479

Monte Carlo simulation program with a free configuration of specimen geometry and detector geometries. L. Reimer, M. Kässens and L. Wiese 485

Barriers to energy dispersive spectrometry with low energy X-rays. D. Rickerby 493

Measurements of Ga1-xAlxAs layers on GaAs with EDS. K. Röhrbacher, P. Klein, M. Andrae and J. Wernisch 501

The relative intensity factor for La radiation considering the different mass absorption of La and Lb radiation. K. Röhrbacher, M. Andrae, P. Klein and J. Wernisch 507

Determination of the solubility of cerium in BaTiO3 by quantitative WDS electron probe microanalysis. Z. Samardzija, M. Ceh, D. Markovec and D. Kolar 517

Simulation of X-ray diffraction profiles of gradually relaxed epilayers. A. Sanz Hervás, E.J. Abril, M. Aguilar, G. de Benito, C. Llorente and M. Lopez 525

Monte Carlo simulation of electron scattering for arbitrary 2D structures using a modified Quadtree geometry discretization. C.O. Schiebl, A. Pfeiffer, H.W. Wagner, W.S.M. Werner and H. Stippel 533

Chemical bond characterisation of nanostructures by EELS. R. Schneider, J. Woltersdorf and A. Röder 545

Local determination of carbon by combining Beta autoradiography and electron microprobe analysis. V.G. Senin and S.N. Shilobreeva 553

The check of the elastic scattering model in Monte Carlo simulation. V. Stary 559

True colour X-ray vision for electron microscopy and microanalysis. P.J. Statham 573

Determination of the oxidation states of Nb by Auger electron spectroscopy. Z. Tass and G. Horvath 581

Study by SIMS of the 54Cr and 18O diffusion in Cr2O3 and in Cr2O3 a scales. S.C. Tsai, A.M. Huntz, C. Dolin and C. Monty 587

Comparison of back foil scanning X-ray microfluorescence and electron probe X-ray microanalysis for the elemental characterisation of thin coatings. E. Valamontes and A.G. Nassiopoulos 597

Electron probe X-ray microanalysis of coatings. E. Valamontes and A.G. Nassiopoulos 605

Analysis of layers: X-ray maps of change in thickness obtained by electron microprobe. D. Viale and G. Petitgand 611

Comparison of simulated and experimental Auger intensities of Au, Pt, Ni and Si in absolute units. H.W. Wagner, C.O. Schiebl and W.S.M. Werner 623

Practical aspects and applications of EPMA at low electron energies. P. Willich and R. Bethke 631

Oxidation and reduction processes of Be/BeO induced by electrons. P. Zanel and H. Hammer 639


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