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EMAS 2010 'Book of Tutorials and Abstracts'

60,00 € each

Price Member: EUR 42 each
Price Non-member: EUR 60 each

EMAS 2010

9th Regional Workshop on "Electron Probe Microanalysis Today  -  Practical Aapects

25 - 28 April 2010
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Book of Tutorials & Abstracts

Edited by: I. Joosten

Table of Contents

-  Table of contents        3

-  Foreword        5

-  European Microbeam Analysis Society:      Executive Board            7

                                                                     Sustaining Companies     9

-  EMAS 2010 International Scientific and Local Organising Committees        11

-  Workshop programme        13

Principles of electron probe microanalysis        17

    Introduction to EPMA and SEM.        19

      Hans Dijkstra

    Light element analysis.         29

      Hans Dijkstra

    PXRF, µ-XRF, vacuum µ-XRF and EPMA analysis of ‘Email Champlevé’ objects present in Belgian museums.        39

      V. Van der Linden, E. Meesdom, A. Devos, R. Van Dooren, H. Nieuwdorp, E. Janssen, S. Balace, B. Vekemans, L. Vincze and Koen Janssens

    Quantification in electron probe microanalysis.        59

      Xavier Llovet

    Performance characteristics of WDS and EDS detectors.        75

      Michael B. Matthews

    Sample preparation for EPMA.        107

      Silvia Richter and J. Mayer

    Electron backscatter diffraction: a bridge between microstructure and quantitative analysis in material science.         135

      Patricia Romano Triguero

Microbeam analysis on cultural heritage        149

    Analysis of paintings by multispectral IR reflectography.        151

      Claudia Daffara

    Identification of early synthetic organic dyestuffs using µ-Raman spectroscopy.        165

      Suzan de Groot, L.O.E.S. Vermeij and M.R. van Bommel

  Looking through van Gogh: advanced X-ray analysis reveals a portrait below the painting of a landscape.        169

      Joris Dik

    Quantitative determination of van Gogh’s painting grounds using SEM/EDS.        171

      Ralph Haswell, L. Carlyle and K.T.J. Mensch

    Study of surfaces by low-voltage and variable pressure SEM.         183

      Ineke Joosten

    Non-destructive identification of art objects using multispectral mapping images and acoustic microscopy.        191

      Georgios Karagiannis

    How to study a pigment that has disappeared?        193

      Katrien Keune

    Colourful surfaces.        209

      Luc Megens

    In situ analysis of object surfaces by portable X-ray diffraction and fluorescence.        211

      François Mirambet and J. Castaing

    Analysis of ancient and historic glass and ceramic glazes by laser ablation inductively coupled mass spectrometry.         225

      Norman H. Tennent, J.T. van Elteren and V.S. Šelih

    PARC - Phase analysis, recognition and characterization: full quantitative interpretation of spectral imaging datasets in terms of phase composition and distribution.         237

      Corrie J.G. van Hoek, M. de Roo, G. Van der Veer and S.R. van der Laan

Abstracts of the poster presentations        249

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