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EMAS 2008 'Book of Abstracts'

60,00 € each

Price Member: EUR 42 each
Price Non-member: EUR 60 each



19 - 22 April 2008
Trieste, Italy

Book of Tutorials & Abstracts

Edited by: G. Tamborini

Table of Contents

-  Foreword           5

-  European Microbeam Analysis Society:    Executive Board                    7
                                                                   Sustaining Companies            9

-  EMAS 2008 International Scientific and Local Organising Committees        11

-  Workshop programme         13

Principles of electron probe microanalysis       15

    Introduction to EPMA and SEM      17
        Hans Dijkstra

    Light element analysis.       27
        Hans Dijkstra

    Introduction to TEM and X-ray microanalysis in the TEM.         37
        János Lábár

    Basic electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELSZ) in the TEM.     51
        János Lábár

    Electron probe microanalysis of thin films and multilayers.         63
        Xavier Llovet and C. Merlet

    Performance characteristics of WDS and EDS detectors.            77
        Michael B. Matthews

    Sample preparation for EPMA.        109
        Silvia Richter and J. Mayer

-    Synchrotron-based microanalysis    137

    µ-X-ray spectroscopies (XANES, EXAFS).    139
        Francesco D’Acapito

    Spatially resolved XRF, XAFS, and XRD investigations with micrometre-scale resolution pertaining to nuclear waste disposal.   157

        Melissa A. Denecke, B. Brendebach, K. Dardenne, F. Huber, P. Michel, T. Schäfer, J. Rothe, W. De Nolf, K. Janssens, K. Proost, G. Falkenberg, K. Rickers, A. Somogyi, R. Simon and U. Noseck

    Synchrotron radiation microscopies (abstract).          169
        Burkhard Kaulich

    Coherent diffraction imaging: towards single particle imaging using free electron lasers (abstract).    171
        Maya Kiskinova

    Elettra (Sincrotrone Trieste SCpA) microscopy programmes (abstract).         173
        Maya Kiskinova

    Synchrotron radiation µ-tomography (abstract).          175
        Giuliana Tromba

    The impact of new microscopies in cultural heritage studies (abstract).         177
        Claudio Tuniz

    Introduction to the microanalytical possibilities of synchrotron-radiation (abstract).          179
        Laszlo Vincze

    Synchrotron microanalysis of cometary particles (abstract).         181
        Laszlo Vincze

    Use of synchrotron radiation microscopy in food research (abstract).         183
        Franco Zanini

Abstracts of the poster presentations     185


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