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EMAS 2004 'Book of Tutorials and Abstracts' hardcopy

60,00 € each

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Price Member: EUR 42 each
Price Non-member: EUR 60 each



8 - 11 May 2004
Bled, Slovenia

Book of Tutorials & Abstracts

Edited by: G. Dražic, S. Bernik, Z. Samardžija and S. Fidler

Table of Contents

-Welcome address from the Chairman of the EMAS 2004 Workshop.
G. Dražic  v

-   EMAS President’s address
G.F. Bastin    vii

-   EMAS Board & Members  viii

-   EMAS Sustaining Members    ix

-   EMAS 2004 Invited Speakers        x

-   EMAS 2004 Committees    xi

-   Preliminary programme  1

-  Quantitative electron probe microanalysis: electron beam – specimen interactions.
    G.F. Bastin and H.J.M. Heijligers     5

-   Electron probe microanalysis of thin films.
    G.F. Bastin    19

-  Atomic-resolution HAADF-STEM imaging: applications in materials science.
   M. Ceh, S. Šturm, H. Gu and M. Shiojiri       43

-   Introduction to SEM and EPMA.
    H. Dijkstra    55

-   Introduction to TEM and X-ray microanalysis in the TEM.
    H. Dijkstra   63

-  Electron energy-loss spectrometry in the electron microscope.
    W. Grogger, F. Hofer and G. Kothleitner    69

-  Energy-filtering transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM).
    W. Grogger, F. Hofer and G. Kothleitner    71

-  FESEM ED/WD and the surface analyses of metals and alloys.
    M. Jenko73

-  X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and related microscopic methods.
    J. Kovac75

-   Performance characteristics of WDS and EDS detectors.
    M.B. Matthews   85

-   Quantitative analysis in the environmental SEM.
    M.B. Matthews109

-  Surface and thin film analysis using Auger electron spectroscopy.
    A. Zalar117

-  Abstracts of poster presentations    133


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