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EMAS 1998 'Proceedings' hardcopy

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"Electron Probe Microanalysis Today - Practical Aspects"
3rd Regional Workshop in Barcelona, Spain
Edited by: X. Llovet, C. Merlet and F. Salvat

Published by Edicions de la Universitat de Barcelona (Spain) and the European Microbeam Analysis Society (1998)

Following the tradition in the EMAS, this 3rd Regional Workshop consists of a series of invited lectures and a poster session with contributions from the participants. The lectures provide a broad introduction to microanalysis, with practical considerations and hints, by recognised experts with a great experience in the field. The topics of the poster communications cover a wider spectrum including applications of microanalysis, quantification, Monte Carlo simulation, etc. The present Proceedings volume contains all contributions, lectures, and (separately) abstracts of poster communications, in alphabetic order of first author. You only have to browse through it to see that all invited speakers have supplied very detailed texts of their talks. This remarkable effort to share information, together with the positive response of the participants, makes sure that we will have a fruitful, high-quality meeting.

On behalf of the International Scientific and Local Organising Committees, I would like to take the opportunity to thank the invited speakers for kindly accepting to participate in this Workshop and for the time they have taken to prepare their contributions. The members of the EMAS Board have also given active support and advice to the organization. We are very grateful to the following institutions and companies that provided financial support to minimise the cost of the event: Universitat de Barcelona, Ministerio de Educación y Cultura, Generalitat de Catalunya, Ambassade de France in Spain, Leica España, and Monocomp Instrumentación. Our thanks also to the companies that have participated in the Workshop and to Ultramar Congress for their efficient organization work.

Table of contents

Invited lectures

Quantitative EPMA of the ultra-light elements, boron through oxygen G.F. Bastin and H.J.M. Heijligers 2
In-depth profiling with the electron probe microanalyser G.F. Bastin, J.M. Dijkstra, H.J.M. Heijligers and D. Klepper 25
Radiation damage and charging effects in SEM, EPMA and related techniques J. Cazaux 56
Recent developments in Auger electron spectroscopy and microscopy J. Cazaux 88
X-ray emission valence band spectrometry: application to Cu and Fe L-series M. Fialin, C. Wagner and G. Rémond 129
Image processing and rmicroanalysis F. Grillon 141
Applications of energy-dispersive spectrometry in materials science J.M. Guilemany 145
Standardless EDS analysis J.L. Lábár 153
Wavelength-dispersive spectrometry X. Llovet 163
Quantification procedure in EPMA C. Merlet 176
Basic principles of analytical electron microscopy W.A.P. Nicholson and M. MacKenzie 192
Quantification of X-ray spectra in biological microanalysis W.A.P.Nicholson 207
Electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA): Principles and applications J. Portillo 214
Applications of electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) to biomedicine C. Quintana 226
Monte Carlo simulation: a tool to understand and solve practical problems L. Reimer 229
Microanalytical techniques. An overview L. Reimer 243
Importance of the specimen preparation on the reliability of quantitative X-ray analyses with the electron probe microanalyser G. Rémond 249
Microcharacterisation of minerals: a need for a network of spatially resolved analytical techniques G. Rémond 279
Interactions of electrons and photons with matter F. Salvat and X. Llovet 291
Electron probe microanalysis of actinide elements C.T. Walker 313

Nondestructive EPMA depth profiling of buried oxide/silicide layers in silicon A.P. Alexeyev and V.V. Makarov 334

Studies of lichen substances within the Parmelia gr. pulla thalli by means of X-ray microanalysis and other complementary analytical techniques C. Ascaso, V. Souza-Egipsy and J. Wierzchos 335

Electron beam induced current measurements and imaging: Characterisation of silicon intra- and intergranular defects M. Barbé, A. Rivière, A. Correia and D. Ballutaud 336

Phase recognition in Ti-AIN system by EPMA and EBSD A. Bemer, Y. Paransky and E.Y. Gutmanas 337

Interpretation problems of EPMA analytical signal on researching of the galvanic Cr films G.A. Borisov and E.N. Moos 338

Improvements of the Gaussian expression for F (r z) curves in EPMA G. Castellano, S. Seguf and J. Trincavelli 339

Optimisation of analytical parameters for quantitative TEM-EDXS analyses of PZT ceramic materials G. Drazic 340

The microstructure and defect studies of MWCVD diamond films by transmission electron microscopy Y. Fan, A.G. Fitzgerald, P. John and C.E. Troupe 341

Standardless semi-quantitative analysis with VMS-EPMA C. Fournier, C. Meriet, O. Dugne and M. Fialin 342

Electron probe microanalysis near phase boundaries of Cu-TiN system C. Fournier, S. Lequeux, C. Fucili, F. Le Guyadec and C. Merlet 343

Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence using microbeam excitation (µ-XRF) M. Haschke, A. Seaman and B. Scruggs 344

Apparent Fe content of small Cu-particles in Fe-containing slag: a case of fluorescence E. Heikinheimo and H. Jalkanen 345

Mineral phases: the image beyond the image M.A. Hidalgo, M.A. González, A. Sánchez-Navas and A. Martín-Algarra 346

Quantitative analysis of ion-implanted semiconductors by low-energy electron-induced X-ray emission spectrometry C. Hombourger, P. Jonnard, C. Bonnelle and P.F. Staub 347

Use of layered synthetic microstructures for the X-ray analysis of light elements C. Hombourger, P. Jonnard, J.-P. Chavineau, J.-M. André and M. Fialin 348

A new experimental procedure for pseudo monochromatic images without energy or wavelength dispersion in a SEM O. Jbara, S. Odof, J.M. Patat and J. Cazaux 349

The use of a new EPMA technique for studying of minerals from black shales of KMA deposits, Russia I.P. Laputina, N.M. Chemyshov and T.P. Korobkina 350

EPMA of boron in transition metal boride diffusion couples W. Lengauer, J.Brandstötter, M. Bohn and J. Bauer 351

Measurement of K-shell ionisation cross-sections by electron impact X. Llovet, C. Merlet and F. Salvat 352

Improved modelling of electron mean energy loss B.I. Losic 353

Investigation of CNx layers on Si by EPMA J. Macl and F. Cerny 354

Gamma spectroscopy application in BaTiO3-ceramic composition analysis G.J. Manic, V.V. Mitic and B.M. Cvetkovic 355

Examination of photon irradiation influence on composition and electric properties of BaTiSiO3-ceramics V.V. Mitic, G.J. Manic, B.M. Cvetkovic and I.Z. Mitrovic 356

Analytical transmission electron microscopy of illite crystallites -- reduction of potassium diffusion by use of a cryo-holder G. Morvan, N. Liewig and L. Martínez 357

Spectral distribution of continuous X-rays for insulating materials in EPMA analysis: Monte Carlo simulations S. Odof, O. Jbara, J.M. Patat and J. Cazaux 358

A study on low-Z element detection in individual particles using windowless EPXMA C.-U. Ro, J. Osán and R. Van Grieken 359

Influence of the texture of porous alumina on their behaviour under an electron microprobe E. Rosenberg, M. Dehais and C. Roullet 360

EPMA study of the Ba-RE-Ti-O (RE = La, Pr, Sm) single crystals of 1:1:4 type solid solution Z. Samardzija, M. Ceh and C.J. Rawn 361

Coherent high energy X-ray optics: New possibilities for microanalysis diffraction and imaging I. Snigireva and A. Snigirev 362

Iron oxidation: microanalytical-evaluation of the "Flank method D. Speer, M. Enders, C. McCammon and W.V. Maresh 363

Fitting a simple model of inelastic scattering in Monte Carlo code to experimental data V. Stary 364

Quantification of non-detectable analytes in samples of unknown stoichiometry with EPMA J. Trincavelli and G. Castellano 365

Field electron spectroscopy investigation of the electron structure formation T.A. Tumareva 366

Characterisation of nanoprecipitates in two types of microalloyed steels P. Valles, A. Quispe and S.F. Medina 367

Influence of the temperature on the morphology and structure of thermographic materials I. Vanwelkenhuysen, R. Gijbels and I. Geuens 368

A chemical composition of the intermetallic AI(FeMn)Si phases of different stoichiometry M. Warmuzek 369

X-ray spectra simulation: a tool for quantitative analysis J.-M. Wulveryck, D. Mouze and J.-M. Patat 370

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