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EMAS 1994 'Proceedings' hardcopy

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"Electron Probe Microanalysis of Materials Today - Practical Aspects"
1st Regional Workshop in Helsinki, Finland
Edited by: E. Heikinheimo and J. Broomberg

Published by the Laboratory of Metallurgy of the Helsinki University of Technology and the European Microbeam Analysis Society (1994)
ISBN 951 22 2170 5

The scientific profile of this workshop was not set at probing the foremost frontiers of science but rather on the practical side of the analysis methodology. We wanted to point out the capabilities and limitations of electron beam microanalysis, which is a very widely used tool since the 1950's when Castaing's ideas were put to practice. You will see that many papers presented here contain valuable information obtainable only by long-time experience. In spite of having now 13 invited contributions plus nine posters on the various aspects of the method there are some obvious omissions in the agenda which are now treated lightly or not at all. For example, particle and trace element analysis, problems with non-conductive samples, specimen damage by beam, and applications of Monte Carlo programmes would well deserve at least one additional day of our attention.

The organising committee wishes to acknowledge the considerable efforts of the speakers who accepted the challenge of writing up to three contributions each for this workshop. We all know that writing such papers has to take place as an extra task, on top of the normal, already very hectic work routine. The EMAS itself has been active in giving support, especially in the form of expert and considerate advice. Finally, thanks are due to Prof. L. Holappa, head of the laboratory at the Helsinki University of Technology, who well understands the significance of this kind of activity, and graciously allowed Erkki Heikinheimo to spend attention on completing this event.

Table of contents

Electron-specimen interaction: X-ray generation and emission, spatial resolution. - P. Karduck
Analytical electron microscopy (AEM): possibilities and limitations. - P. Nicholson
Correction procedures in electron probe microanalysis of bulk materials: what do we have to know and what is needed? - P. Karduck
AEM II: practical problems with energy-dispersive spectrometry. - P. Nicholson
Practical aspects of WDS analysis. - P. Karduck
AEM III: characterising energy-dispersive spectrometer. - P. Nicholson
Standardless versus quantitative EDS analysis: what can you expect? - J. Juhanoja
SEM + EDS or EPMA with WDS? - E. Heikinheimo
Thin surface layer (1 nm - 1 mm) analysis with EPMA or SEM + EDS: the principle and examples. - P. Willich and R. Bethke
AEM as a tool for practical problems: examples. - T. Lepistö
How accurate are your analysis results? - E. Heikinheimo
Strategy for applying microanalytical techniques. - P. Willich


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