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EMAS 1991 'Proceedings' hardcopy

60,00 € each

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2nd European Workshop in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Mikrochimica Acta, Supplementum 12, 278 p. (1992)
Edited by: A. Boekestein and M.K. Pavicevic

This supplement of Mikrochimica Acta contains selected papers from the Second Workshop of the European Microbeam Analysis Society (EMAS) on "Modern Developments and Applications in Microbeam Analysis", which took place in May 1991 in Dubrovnik (Yugoslavia).

For this meeting, EMAS chose to highlight the following topics: electron-beam microanalysis (EPMA) of thin films and quantitative analysis of ultra-light elements, Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), electron energy loss spectrometry (EELS), high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), quantitative analysis of biological samples and standard-less electron-beam microanalysis.

Seven introductory lectures and almost seventy poster presentations were given by speakers from twelve European and two non-European (U.S.A. and Argentina) countries were made.  One cannot assume that all fields of research in Europe were duly represented, but a definite trend is discernible.  EPMA with wavelength-dispersive spectrometry (WDS) or energy-dispersive spectrometry (EDS) is the method with by far the widest range of applications, followed by TEM with EELS and then AES.  There are also interesting suggestions for the further development of new apparatus with new fields of application.  Applications are heavily biased towards materials science (thin films in microelectronics and semiconductors), ceramics and metallurgy, followed by analysis of biological and mineral samples.

This issue contains the full texts of five introductory lectures and 25 brief articles.  Sixteen contributions relate to the refinement of methods and procedures and nine of these are concerned with important applications in various fields.  All submissions have been refereed according to the usual procedures.  At the end of this issue is an overview of all the published work.  We hope that these contributions to the field of electron microbeam analysis will be found to be useful.

Table of contents

-    EPMA  A versatile technique for the characterisation of thin films and layered structures.
    P. Willich                        1
-    Quantitative EPMA of the ultra light elements boron through oxygen.
    G.F. Bastin and H.J.M. Heijligers          19
-    Auger microscopy and electron probe microanalysis.
    J. Cazaux                      37
-    Quantitative X ray microanalysis of ultra-thin resin embedded samples.
    H.Y. Elder, S.M. Wilson, W.A.P. Nicholson, J.D. Pediani, S.A. McWilliams, D. McEwan Jenkinson and Ch.J. Kenyon          53
-    Analytical and high resolution electron microscopy studies at metal/ceramic interfaces.
    M. Rühle                      75
-    Quantitative electron probe microanalysis of multilayer structures.
    G.F. Bastin, J.M. Dijkstra, H.J.M. Heijligers and D. Klepper      93
-    Comparison of (Z) curve models in EPMA.
    J.A. Riveros, G.E. Castellano and J.C. Trincavelli      99
-    Quantitative electron probe microanalysis: new accurate (Z) description.
    C. Merlet                    107
-    A modular universal correction procedure for quantitative EPMA.
    I. Farthing, G. Love, V.D. Scott and C.T. Walker    117
-    Monte Carlo simulation of backscattered and secondary electron profiles.
    Ch. Eisenschmidt and U. Werner        125
-    An electron scattering model applied to the determination of film thicknesses using electron probe microanalysis.
    H.-J. August                    131
-    Calculation of depth distribution functions for characteristic and for continuous radiation.
    H.-J. August                    139
-    A method for in-situ calibration of semiconductor detectors.
    J. Wernisch, A. Schönthaler and H.-J. August    147
-    Background anomalies in electron probe microanalysis caused by total reflection.
    W.P. Rehbach and P. Karduck        153
-    Automatic analysis of soft x-ray emission spectra obtained by EPMA.
    I.A. Slavic, J.I. Slavic, I.A. Grzetic and M.K. Pavicevic    161
-    The scanning very-low-energy electron microscope (SVLEEM).
    I. Mullerova and M. Lenc        173
-    To the back scattering contrast in scanning auger microscopy.
    L. Frank                        179
-    Design considerations regarding the use of an accelerator mass spectrometer in ion microanalysis.
    K.M. Subotic and M.K. Pavicevic        187
-    Accurate estimation of uncertainties in quantitative electron energy-loss spectroscopy
    J.J.Y. van Puymbroeck, W.A. Jacob and P.J.M. Van Espen    191
-    An EELS system for a TEM/STEM-performance and its use in materials science.
    R. Schneider and W. Rechner        197
-    Quantitative X-ray  microanalysis of bio-organic bulk specimens.
    A. Boekestein                205
-    Quantitative analysis of (Y2O3)x(ZrO2)1-x films on silicon by EPMA.
    N. Ammann, A. Lubig and P. Karduck        213
-    EPMA on surface oxide films.
    P. Willich and K. Schiffmann        221
-    Non-destructive determination of ion-implanted impurity distribution in silicon by EPMA.
    A.P. Alexeyev                229
-    An electron spectroscopy study of a-SiNx films.
    A.G. Fitzgerald, H.L.L. Watton and M.J. Rose    235
-    Electron probe microanalysis of glass fibre optics.
    M. Kern, E. Perman and P. Pavli        241
-    Quantitative microanalysis of low concentrations of carbon in steels.
    J. Ruste                        247
-    Electron configuration of the valence-conduction band of the mineral wustite.
    D.M. Timotijevic and M.K. Pavicevic        255
-    Structural analysis of silver halide cubic micro crystals with epitaxial or conversion growths by STEM-EDX.
    S. Wu, A. Van Daele, W. Jacob, R. Gijbels, A. Verbeeck and R. De Keyzer    261
-    Characterisation of the bony matrix of the otic capsule in human fetuses by EPMA.
    S.S. Montoro, F.F. Declau and P.J.M. Van Espen    269

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