Intro WDS 2019

Course Leaders: Stuart Kearns (GB), Mike Matthews (GB)

First run: Trondheim Wuropean Workshop, 2019

Introduction to WDS X-ray microanalysis
Here we will consider both the parallel beam and Rowland circle wavelengthdispersive spectrometer (WDS) as applied to SEMs and EPMA respectively. We will compare performance characteristics of the WDS with the energydispersive spectrometer (EDS) and consider various aspects of the resulting WD spectrum. A lecture on optimising the WDS setup in EPMA will precede discussions on the quantification of the WDS signal detailing its strengths and limitations. We will conclude by looking at mapping using WDS. Participants would ideally have an understanding of theory of X-ray generation under electron beam bombardment or have undertaken the course on EDS analysis in the morning.