MC simulation   2017

Course Leaders: Philippe T. Pinard (DE) & Silvia Richter (DE)

First run: Konstanz European Workshop, 2017

Monte Carlo simulation
In electron microscopy and its analytical methods the electron- and photonmatter interactions play a dominant role. The electrons and the atoms of a sample are the reactants, and the backscattered, transmitted, secondary electrons, the characteristic and Bremsstrahlung X-rays, the products. As only the products of these interactions can be measured, Monte Carlo simulations have been developed over the years to help microscopists understand, visualise and predict the results obtained from their measurements. This ½-day short course aims to be as practical as possible, providing tutorials how modern and freely available Monte Carlo programmes can be used to address common microanalysis problems and situations. Taking advantage of their respective possibilities, different programmes will be demonstrated in the course, including Casino, NISTMonte, PENELOPE, Monaco, MC X-Ray and their different interfaces.