EMAS 2024 - 14th REGIONAL WORKSHOP ON: The edge of new EM technology

From 12.05.2024 until 15.05.2024

At Brno University of Technology, CEITEC, Brno, Czech Republic

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b) Hotel Palacky (http://www.hotel-palacky.cz/en), which is the closest to the conference venue, offering double rooms only (twin beds) at rates of 850 CZK per night (single occupancy) and 1,400 CZK per night (double occupancy) (breakfast included) + 15 CZK per person/day of local tax.  27 rooms have been sent aside, until April 17th after which date bookings will depend upon availability.  Bookings can be done by e-mail to: recepce@hotel‑palacky.cz.

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The workshop will be held at the Faculty of Business and Management of the Brno University of Technology, Kolejni 2906/4, Brno.

Brno is the second largest town in the Czech Republic with over 400,000 inhabitants and the capital of the South Moravian Region.

The city of Brno has a long-year tradition in science and technology; it is connected to prominent scientists and thinkers such as Johann Gregor Mendel, an Augustinian friar and the founder of modern genetics, who conducted his pea plant experiments here.  For a few decades, Brno has been a place of research institutes and companies involved in development and production of electron microscopes.  At present, it hosts companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific (FEI), TESCAN, and Delong Instruments, all of them engaged in the business of electron microscopy and relevant nanotechnology tools and methods.  Brno is also known as a student town hosting more than 80,000 students of 13 universities.




You can find tips for your individual exploration of Brno – not only from the sightseeing perspective – on the Brno tourist office’s website (www.gotobrno.cz/en/).



How to get to Brno

- By air

There are regular bus connections between Prague as well as Vienna airport and Brno operated by Student Agency (www.studentagency.eu/en/), Flixbus (www.flixbus.cz), and other carriers.

- By train

Trains departing from the Brno Main Station (Hlavní nádraží) connect to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Berlin and Ostrava.

- By car

Brno can be reached by the D1, D2 and D52 motorways.  Current traffic information inside Brno can be accessed at www.doprava-brno.cz/, while traffic information for the whole of the Czech Republic can be accessed at www.dopravniinfo.cz/Default.aspx?lang=en.



About the Brno University of Technology and CEITEC

Brno University of Technology (BUT) is the largest technical university in the Czech Republic, founded in 1899.  It provides education, spanning from technology and science to economics and arts, to more than 10,000 students.  BUT runs five research centres on its own and has a major share in two more.

CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology) is a joint project of five universities and institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences residing in Brno to create environment for excellence in research.  Part of the project under the Brno University of Technology (CEITEC BUT) deals with advanced nano- and microtechnologies and advanced materials and hosts a unique scientific infrastructure CEITEC Nano providing access to the state of the art scientific instruments for nanotechnology and materials research in cleanroom environment.



Key dates


15 March 2020

15 March 2020

23 March 2020

23 March 2020

31 March 2020

17-20 May 2020

deadline for submission of abstracts for poster presentations.

deadline for applications for EMAS Bursaries.

notification of acceptance of poster contributions.

notification of decisions on EMAS Bursary applications.

early registration deadline.

EMAS 2020 Workshop, Brno, Czech Republic.



International Organizing Committee

Hans Dijkstra

Ondřej Man

Tomáš Šamoril

Michal Urbánek

Luc Van ’t dack

Petr Wandrol






Thermo Fisher Scientific, Brno

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Workshop Secretariat

European Microbeam Analysis Society (EMAS)
c/o University of Antwerp
Department of Chemistry, Research group PLASMANT
Mr Luc Van’t dack
Campus Drie Eiken, Universiteitsplein 1
2610 Antwerpen-Wilrijk, Belgium
tel: +32-3-265.23.43,  fax: +32-3-265.23.43
URL: http://www.microbeamanalysis.eu/