MC Aachen workshop

Course Tutors: Silvia Richter (DE), Philippe Pinard (DE), Xavier Llovet (ES), Raynald Gauvin (CAN)

Hostsed by Central Facility for Electron Microscopy, RWTH Aachen University, June 2014

Programme of Workshop (pdf download)

EPMA Bristol Workshop

Course Tutors: Stuart Kearns (GB), Mike Matthews (GB), Xavier Llovet (ES), Jon Wade (GB), Ben Buse (GB)

Hosted by School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, 2014

Programme of workshop (pdf download)


Advanced EPMA 2017

Course Leaders: Paul K. Carpenter (US) & Stuart Kearns (GB)

First run: Konstanz European Workshop, 2017

Advanced EPMA
The aim of this ½-day short course is explore some of the more esoteric applications and limits of the EPMA technique. Attendees should be familiar with the routine use and theory of EPMA. The course will open with a review of quantitative analysis by WDS including aspects of instrumental set-up and calibration. Tutorials on low voltage microanalysis, light element investigation and trace element analysis are then complimented by a look at some of the freely available software tools available that can enhance our understanding of analytical protocols. There will be opportunity for attendees to lead group discussions.



Penepma 2017

Course Leaders: Francesc Salvat (ES), Xavier Llovet (ES)

First run: Konstanz European Workshop, 2017

Monte Carlo simulation using PENEPMA
The programme PENEPMA aims at facilitating the application of the Monte Carlo method to the simulation of X-ray spectra obtained in EPMA measurements. PENEPMA is well suited for the simulation of X-rays emitted from samples with complex geometries and/or under unconventional conditions; it can help to understand the limits of the technique and/or optimize the instrument parameters. PENEPMA is based on the use of the general-purpose simulation package PENELOPE. This ½-day short course is intended to provide practical instruction on the use of PENEPMA. The course will introduce new users to the capabilities of the code and acquaint experienced users with new features. The course will be completely hands-on, and examples and applications will be used so that participants become familiar with the way the programme works and the outputs it produces. Participants are expected to bring their own laptop; they will be provided with a Windows or Linux executable version of the programme.


SI and Phase Mapping   2017

Course Leader: Hans Djikstra (NL)

First run: Konstanz European Workshop, 2017

Advanced Spectral Imaging, Mapping and Phase Mapping
In this ½-day short course, we will take a close look at EDS beyond regular X-ray spectroscopy. Modern techniques for analysing inhomogeneous specimens will be discussed and demonstrated. This course will consist of lectures on the fundamentals of the technique, practical recommendations on the acquisition and processing of large volumes of X-ray data, and discussions on the applicability of the technique to a wide variety of materials. Interested participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop to have spectral imaging software installed and experiment with processing several spectral imaging datasets themselves