EBSD-2020 - Topical Conference on Electron Backscatter Diffraction - POSTPONED to 2021 date tbd

From 24.06.2021 until 26.06.2021

At University of Michigan, Ann Arbour, USA

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24th - 26st June 2021, Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.
EBSD-2020 - Topical Conference on Electron Backscatter Diffraction

The Microanalysis Society welcomes you to the Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) 2020 Topical Conference, which will be held June 24 - 26th, 2020, at the University of Michigan. The biennial MAS EBSD topical conference brings together EBSD developers and users of all abilities, across the geosciences and materials sciences, for a three-day meeting featuring:
- Beginner and advanced tutorials covering EBSD theory, sample preparation, data acquisition, and applications (June 24th);
- Hands-on demonstrations by leading EBSD developers;
- Invited and contributed podium presentations, as well as a poster session, covering EBSD applications and emerging technologies across geoscience, materials science, and engineering (June 25-26th);
- A conference banquet (included in the cost of registration) following the Thursday afternoon poster session.

EBSD 2020 will follow the very successful format of EBSD 2018 and will run for three days. The first day will feature beginner- and advanced-level tutorials, including lectures on EBSD theory and application, with hands-on demonstrations from leading EBSD vendors. The programming for the second and third days will be comprised of plenary and contributed presentations highlighting recent developments, data analysis methods, and materials science and geoscience applications. We will have a poster session and competition on the afternoon of the second day, followed by a banquet to celebrate the meeting.

Confirmed speakers:
- Kenneth Vecchio (University of California San Diego) – “Application of machine learning toward autonomous EBSD phase identification”
- Elisabetta Mariani (University of Liverpool) – “EBSD as a key to decoding deformation mechanisms in Earth materials”
- Arun Bhattacharya (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) – “Transmission Kikuchi diffraction and advanced data analytics: Revolutionising insights into nuclear structural materials”
- David Wallis (Utrecht University) – “HR-EBSD constraints on the role of dislocations and their stress fields in transient creep of geological minerals”
- Philip Noell (Sandia National Laboratories) – “Relating microscale defects to mechanical behaviour through in-situ EBSD”
- Omero Orlandini (University of Texas at Austin) – “Drums in the deep: Investigating brittle anomalies in the ductile lower crust”

Confirmed tutorial leaders:
- Stuart Wright (EDAX) – Introduction to EBSD
- Marc De Graef (Carnegie Mellon University) – EBSD technology and indexing engine
- Luke Brewer (University of Alabama) – Metallurgical sample preparation
- Angela Halfpenny (Central Washington University) – Geological sample preparation
- Chad Parish (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) – Post-processing and applications in materials science
- Zach Michels (University of Minnesota) – Post-processing and applications in geoscience
- Philip Eisenlohr (Michigan State University) – Coupling crystal-plasticity modelling and EBSD
- Scott Sitzman (Aerospace Corp.) – Transmission Kikuchi diffraction (TKD)
- Josh Kacher (Georgia Tech) – Cross-correlation EBSD

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