Recent Developments and Applications in earth sciences of electron probe micro-analysis

From 03.10.2019 until 04.10.2019

At Athens Agricultural University

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Electron probe microanalysis: Recent developments and applications in Earth science

We are pleased to announce a two-day workshop on the use of the electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA) with particular emphasis on modern developments and geological applications. The workshop will be held in Athens (Greece) at the Agricultural University of Athens on 3-4 October 2019. The instructors will be
Ioannis Baziotis, Jasper Berndt, Pierre Lanari, Ery Hughes and Angeliki Papoutsa. The workshop will consist of a series of lectures on the theory and practice of the EPMA instrument followed by focused seminar on its application to solid Earth sciences. Topics will range from conventional major element quantitative analysis to new developments in X-ray mapping, trace element analysis, Fe redox state determination, and estimate of water content in hydrous glasses. All attendees will be asked to provide a brief oral presentation on their research and analytical goals during the workshop. Participation comes with a follow-up opportunity for access to the instrument. The workshop targets MSc students, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and early career scientists from across the EU and beyond.

All selected applicants will have the opportunity to analyze their rocks (polished thin/thick sections or 1-inch circular mounts) in the 12 months following the
workshop. Participation comes free of charge with up to 2 analytical days (8 hours per day of operator-supervised work and 16 hours per day of overnight automated data collection). Further analytical time can be requested as needed, but will be charged at the hourly rate for outside users.

Participants are kindly requested to register for the workshop by sending an e-mail to Ioannis Baziotis () or via the website ( The registration fee is 500 euros and includes the attendance at the workshop and two days free access to the EPMA facility. The participants will need to cover the costs of getting to and from Athens as well as their accommodation and local costs. One dinner at the Athens City Center is included. The workshop is open to up to 30 participants. Agenda may be scaled back or cancelled in case of small enrollment (<10 participants). Initial applications are due 30th June 2019 and final registration is 31st July 2019.

If there are any questions, please free feel to e-mail.

Looking forward to see you in Athens!