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IMC20 – 20th International Microscopy Congress

From 10.09.2023 until 15.09.2023
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10th - 15th September 2023, Busan, South Korea

IMC20 – 20th International Microscopy Congress

IMC is the Olympics of microscopy; held every four years and attracting delegates from across the globe.  The programme will include world-renowned plenary speakers alongside an extensive trade exhibition where leading suppliers launch ground-breaking new instruments.  It is a particular pleasure to introduce the Korean Society of Microscopy (KSM) as the host for IMC20 which will be held in Korea for the first time.

A tradition of IMC events has been a vibrant social calendar.  Delegates will have ample opportunity to enjoy fabulous Korean food and to explore historical and cultural attractions in the Busan area.

The congress programme streams and symposia topics are:

1. Life science

  • LS-1. Structure and function of cells and organelles
  • LS-2. Live imaging of cells, tissues and organisms
  • LS-3. Structure of macromolecules and supramolecular assemblies
  • LS-4. Super-resolution microscopy in molecular and cell biology
  • LS-5. Cryo-electron microscopy in molecular and cell biology
  • LS-6. Cellular transport and dynamics
  • LS-7. Immunohistochemistry and cytochemistry
  • LS-8. Pathology and biomarkers
  • LS-9. Correlative and multiplex microscopy in biology
  • LS-10. Host-pathogen interactions, microbiology and virology
  • LS-11. Invertebrate biology and taxonomy
  • LS-12. Embryology and developmental biology
  • LS-13. Plant science and mycology
  • LS-14. Neuroscience
  • LS-15. Development and advance of new microscopy for biological systems
  • LS-16. Biomedical applications of nanoparticles and bio-safety issues

2. Physical science

  • PS-1. Nanomaterials
  • PS-2. Carbon-based materials/2D materials
  • PS-3. Surface and thin films
  • PS-4. Metals and alloys
  • PS-5. Functional ceramics
  • PS-6. Polymer-based materials
  • PS-7. Semiconductors
  • PS-8. Phase transformation and corrosion
  • PS-9. Magnetic and ferroelectric materials
  • PS-10. Geology and mineralogy
  • PS-11. Organic chemistry
  • PS-12. Energy materials

3   Analytical Science

  • IT-1. Electron optics and optical elements
  • IT-2. Machine learning assisted analysis of microscopic data
  • IT-3. Methods and workflows for correlative microscopy
  • IT-4. Cryo-TEM techniques
  • IT-5. In-situ & environmental microscopy
  • IT-6. Diffraction and holography techniques
  • IT-7. 3-dimensional imaging
  • IT-8. Electron microscopic metrology
  • IT-9. SEM and FIB
  • IT-10. Scanning probe and surface microscopy
  • IT-11. Optical nanoscopy and X-ray spectroscopy
  • IT-12. Electron energy-loss spectroscopy and spectral imaging technique
  • IT-13. Advances in atom probe tomography
  • IT-14. Time-resolved microscopies
  • IT-15. Ptychography

4. Special symposiums

  • EST-1. Microscopy in Arts
  • EST-2. Battery symposium
  • EST-3. Semiconductor symposium
  • EST-4. Photonics symposium
  • EST-5. Data mining, machine learning, applications of artificial intelligence
  • EST-6. Microscopy in 3D printing

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