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EXSA workshop on Quantitative Methods in X-ray Spectrometry

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In October this year the European X-ray Spectrometry Association (EXSA) organises a Workshop on Quantitative Methods in X-Ray Spectrometry ( This workshop is connected to an Autumn School for graduate students and postdocs on the same topic.

We are happy that we could win experts in the field to give lectures at the Autumn School and distinguished scientists (Ioanna Mantouvalou, Mauro Guerra, Yves Kayser) to give invited talks at the Workshop. We could convince Peter Brouwer to give the keynote lecture on Quantitative FP-XRF beyond Sherman’s equation.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts and younger scientists from academia and industry to present and discuss recent advances, research results and perspectives in different fields of applications including:

•  In-situ metrology (for bio and energy materials)

•  High-resolution (local) μ-XRF

•  High-resolution (angular) GI/E-XRF

•  Quantification with Monte Carlo methods

•  Quantification with fundamental parameter approach

•  Fundamental parameters

This EXSA event providing high quality training to younger scientists in quantification in X‑ray spectrometry and giving a forum to interact within the community will allow for discussion between, academic and industrial scientists being an excellent platform for networking and knowledge exchange.

Beside the scientific presentations two panel / round table discussions regarding:

•  When will we have better Fundamental Parameters? What is their benefit?

•  Quantitative X-ray microscopy can we get more than images?

are organised. Michael Mantler and Birgit Kanngießer could be convinced to chair these discussions.

Contributions for oral and poster presentations are very welcome.

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